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Hello, and welcome to Due in August 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hi ladies, just found out we are expecting baby number 8 around the 1st of august xx 
  • Hi, we’ve just found out we are expecting our first after trying for 15 months! So happy but also terrified haha! We have an estimated due date of the 2nd August! Xx
  • @TerriW1 congratulations, unfortunately i started bleeding yesterday! So my journey has ended for now! Good luck with your pregnancy, I wish you a happy and healthy 9months and a lifetime of fun xx
  • @Wellcome1 oh I’m so sorry to hear this. ❤️ Xx
  • Just found we're expecting our first! Due around August 6th :)
  • Hello ladiessss! I’m due 27th august with my second - super anxious already and I’m still so early 😭 how are you all doing? 
  • So I was due the 1st of august and that ended in a chemical pregnancy! But I’m back now almost 5 weeks and due 28th of august! Congratulations to you all x x
  • Congratulations @Wellcome1 🎊
  • Hello! Found out I was pregnant at 3+4 weeks, and I am now 6+1 weeks with baby #2! Due 24th August. Super anxious as before we conceived baby #1 I had a miscarriage, so still worried I'm going to start bleeding every time I go to the loo. Also today started having weird dull pain in my right side around my love handles, can't tell if it's just normal stretching or anything more! 😫
  • @Loulou15 congratulations! It’s horrible isn’t it?! I wish we could press a button that would give us an update of bubba 🤣 first trimester is definitely triggering
  • 7 weeks today! X 
  • Hi ya looking 2 join this chat looking like I am due 26th of aug I had early scan as I have a disabled child found out it twins but baby number 2 much smaller so back wed for scan I been so unwell with sickness tiredness which is be expect carry twins this be baby number 6 number 7 for me hope you all keeping well ladys xx
  • Welcome to the group! I’m due the 30th with baby number 8!! X 
  • Awww congrats on baby number 8 xx
  • Wellcome1Wellcome1 Regular
    edited Jan 30, 2022 6:30AM
    @Jwebster82 how did the scan go? I went for a scan on Friday and my due date has changed to the 27th but got to go back for an official dating scan on the 11th xx 
  • Morning girls, just a little update for you all, I had some bleeding on Thursday, so went for an early scan on Friday and bubba is happy and healthy and bleeding has stopped now too! Still got my official dating scan on the 10th, but this scan has estimated I am now due on the 21st August! 😍

    P.s. Would anyone be interested in a WhatsApp group, I find it hard to keep up with messages on here! 🙈
  • @Loulou15 aww that’s great to hear!! I have my scan on the 11th xx yes I would be happy with a whatsapp group xx 
  • Sorry ladys I not been on sadly I lost one of my twins but other wee bump doing well I allready had 3 scans back on 15th Feb for my 12 week scan I still so tired really sick and iron really low so on iron tablets I be up
    fir what's app group xx
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