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Anyone injecting for clots or done it!!!

is there anyone here who has had clots through pregnancy. My injection spots are so sore and I’m finding really hard to find a way to sleep ( as if it was hard enough before) 

im struggling with the injections themselves. And scared of what’s to come. I’m a wreck. Anyone’s advice would be appropriate. Ps I’m 27 weeks 5 days  


  • What injections are you on? I am on Fragmin 7500 and have been for the past 8 weeks. I find that if I alternate legs, do at the flabby bit round the side.. pinch a good inch and make sure the needle to absolutely straight it really helps, also depress the syringe really slowly and absolutely do not rub no matter how much it stings. I’ve only bruised once doing it like this. 
  • I’m on ionhep 14000units a day. It’s so sore and getting harder and worse as I get bigger and tighter as I have to do in my stomach 😢 I’m being induced next week 1 wrk early they wanted to do me earlier but baby still not engaged so they are trying to stay away from c section I’m so nervous. 
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