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Trisomy 18

Hello. Just looking for a bit of support or talk to someone who had a similar experience. 
At my 12 week scan the NT fluid was slightly increased so I was sent for a CVS test which showed my baby had Trisomy 18 and would not make it past the 2nd trimester. After numerous scans and tests it was recommened that I went in to start labour at 16 weeks which was on 21st May (just last week) 
I went through labour and delivered my tiny baby boy. I never thought my heart could break as much as it has. Im just completely lost at the moment. 
I also suffered a miscarriage just before Christmas too so with both being so close together too its even harder to deal with and to try to pick myself up to carry on. 


  • I am so sorry for you loss I can’t imagine how you feel. I also went through a misscarriage in December so I definitely know the pain of going through that. Only advice I can give is to take your time and grieve whatever way feels right for you. Take care of yourself 
  • Thank you. 
    I thought we had gone through our worst in December with the miscarriage but how wrong I was. 
    We are just picking up the pieces at the minute but we will get there in time. Its just trying to process and make sense of it all now thats the most difficult. 
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