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The Due in Jan 2015 big birth announcement thread


Well, it's ever so nearly Jan 15 – and it looks as though Cher is going to have some exciting news for us soon! – so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations!

This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in Jan thread ( We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in Feb and beyond!



  • Baby Hoad arrived today at 2.09pm. Will post more details later.

  • HOORAY!!! Well done thehoads! That was impressively fast, hope mamma and baby girl are doing well. 

  • Yay! Thats brilliant news! Congratulations thehoads

  • Ok so here is the story of how baby Chloe came into the world.

    Around 3.30am Saturday morning I woke up with moderate cramping so I started to time them, they were lasting about 1 minute but only coming every 8-10 minutes, this carried on unchanged until my little ones woke at 7am.

    By this time the mother in law had been woken and given her orders to get here ASAP (having had such a quick second labour) she arrived at 8am having managed to break down and recover by 'giving it some revs', my husbands instructions.

    With the distraction of getting kids up and starting the day my contractions seemed to fizzle out. Oh no not another false alarm, the mother in law will never help me out again.

    By now it's 10am and contractions haven't picked up any so we all start marching up and down the hall singing The Grand Old Duke of York to try and get this thing going, my little ones thought this was great fun. And it did bring on a few stronger contractions, they were now 5 mins apart but not overly strong.

    We made the decision to head to the hospital anyway in the hope it would start kicking off soon. I was examined at 12 o'clock and told I was only 3cm and my contractions were still inconsistent, I could go home or hang around and they'd examine me again in 4 hrs!

    Was starting to feel like this was going to be a very long labour. Husband thought we should hang around so headed for the coffee shop at the other end of the hospital. It's less than a five minute walk and in that time I must have had 10 contractions, all of the stop you dead in your tracks kind. Husband and I managed to share a hot chocolate and a sandwich before I told him we were going back, he said it was to early to head back. I gave him one of those looks and a little firmer repeated we are going back!

    We found a midwife, who looked at my notes and told me i was due back for examination at 3pm. I told her baby would be here before then, so she went off to get my room ready. I saw the same midwife for a home visit today and she said I was so very calm about it but she knew to take me at my word.

    I finally got into my room which was just lovely as they'd redone the whole ward just over a year ago. My midwife kept popping in and out and the pool was taking forever to fill, my tens machine was cranked up to 50 and I could feel huge pressure between my legs. Was really worried that no one but I knew just how close this baby was to coming.

    At last I had the midwife hook up the gas and air and help me into the pool which was just soooo relaxing. My waters went about 15 mins later and then with the next two contractions I pushed out the head and body. The midwife just let me get on with it, as my husband told me later I was telling them what was about to happen.

    It was a really calm yet at the same time intense labour. Not surprising when you think I went from 3cm and no real regular contractions to giving birth in a little over 2hrs.

    Chloe was born at 2.09pm weighing 7lb 9oz, as calm as you like, the midwife had to make her cry then she promptly feel asleep.

  • Wow! What a day thehoads! Love the image of you and your little ones marching about to The Grand Old Duke of York! Great to hear you had a quick and relatively calm labour & delivery and a massive congratulations again on the birth of baby Chloe. x

  • Amazing birth story thehoads thanks for sharing :-)) I am hoping for a pool birth this time too. Hope Chloe continues being a little calm lady for you :-) xx

  • So here goes, thought I would post my birth story whilst all still fresh in my head.... I had a sweep on Thursday afternoon at 38+4 days, sweep offered early as I was due to be induced at 39 weeks due to having too much amniotic fluid. 

    Thursday evening I recognised the tell tell,signs as this was my 4th baby, light period pains and slight lower backache. During the night I woke up at 2am with light irregular contractions coming every 10 minutes, I took some paracetamol which was not really helping and then had a bath to help. These died off and I got up at 4am, by 6am contractions coming every 5 minutes and lasting approx 30 seconds, as the day wore on these becare irregulr but far more panful. by 4pm on the Friday I called the hospital as I was in significant pain and the contractions were agin coming every 5 minutes and lasting 30 seconds, due to having 2 very quick labours the advice was to go in.

    got to the hospital at 6pm and hooked up to a monitor to check heart rate of baby and measure contractions, we did this for approx 2 hours before they gave me an internal where they said only 3cm dilated which was shocking seeing as I was in a lot of pain. Throughout the night I was having painful irregular contractions and stayed in the hospital but another internal showed still only 3cm despite all the pain throughout the night and the pain relief of co-codaol was not touching the sides!

    we agreed I would go home and rest but midwife gave me another sweep before I left which took her no more than 30 seconds as was already dilated. Got home at 2pm, by 4pm I was starting to get regular contractions again and this time far more intense, still taking co-codamol i went to bed and managed to sleep until midnight when I woke up with very intense contractions had a bath and by 4am I was starting to make noise with the contractions as they were so painful, called hospital who said to still wait as contractions only lasting 30 seconds and they wanted them to last 45 -60 seconds. After I got off the phone to the hospital things really took a turns and pain intensified again and this time I was bleeding as well and feeling the need to bear down but not push. Called hospital again and told them I was coming in.

    got to the hospital at approx 7:30am, took me to an assessment room where I had a contraction and through the noise I made they moved me straight to the labour room. Once in room they measured my contractions and babys heartrate, passed me the gas and air, I asked for an epidural as was going to treat myself this time after 2 previous natural labours but was told there was no time. 

    my little boy was born at 9:10am, 8lbs 39 weeks +6 days gestation. Perfectly healthy and the final piece in our family. Labour was intense and yes painful,but so worth it.

    embrace the pain and think of what you get out of it, gas and air when taken properly was for me enough. My pushing stage was 5 minutes so not lonh but after 4 babies that is to be expected lol!

    for those who are worried about labour, don't be, everyone's experience is different, be open to it, that baby has to come out one way or another and don't be afraid to ask for pain relief if you need it. Good luck, your about to do the most amazing thing and your body has truly done something astounding.

    we were home 8 hours after delivery in our own environment.

  • Wow, what a great birth story, Jo Kelly. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    And you're so right: it's astounding what our bodies can do, isn't it?

    Lovely to hear you were discharged so quickly. Hope you and your little boy are doing OK - and your older ones are enjoying getting to know their new baby brother.

  • Holly Violet birth story 💕

    Sunday 25th January 2015 at 4.35am weighing 7lb0.5oz

    Thursday 22nd had my appointment for a sweep with my consultant, I left feeling quite hopeful things could happen! Friday not a lot happening so decided to keep busy by hitting town with my mum, we did a fair bit of walking and later that evening I started to have a bit of a show.

    Saturday came and again I kept busy by going out for a family lunch and taking the dog for a walk, I spent the evening on the birthing ball bouncing/ dancing to the voice, I had been loosing more plug during the day but still hadn't had any twinges.

    Went and got ready for bed and as I sat on the bed my waters went! Couldn't quite believe it as I was convinced I was going to have to go back in on Sunday for another sweep. Called the labour ward who told me to head in to get checked so in we went. Mum came over to stay with our eldest. As I was having no contractions they just monitored baby, checked me over and told me to go home and rest as if she hadn't come within 12 hours they would induce me. We went home and mum headed home knowing she could get a call at any time.

    We headed to bed at 11.30 to try and get some sleep, I woke at 1am with a big pain and a huge gush of waters. Suddenly I was getting pains every two minutes but they were only lasting about 30 seconds and I was managing to breathe through them fine. We got mum back over and headed back in.

    By the time we got to the hospital the pains were getting more, they monitored me and did an examination which showed I was only 2cm, fortunately the midwife took one look at me and realised it was going to be fast! She went off and ran the birthing pool and I got in the bath in the ensuite. I got in but after about 5 mins I knew things had changed as I had started making noise with every contraction. We called her in and she examined me to say I was 3cm but babies head was there and very very low. We moved to the birthing pool where I had some gas and air and hubby had hold of my arms as I was rocking under the water with every contraction!

    It wasn't long before I wanted to push, and within about 8 pushes she was born! We had delayed cord clamping and natural delivery of the placenta and I got to spend some magical time in the pool getting to know her. I was in established labour for just over an hour so super speedy!

    We had tea and toast and I had a shower then moved down to the ward where we waited for Holly to have her checks then were home by about 3.30pm.

    It was such an amazing positive experience, our midwife was fantastic and it felt very much like it was hubby and I working together, I couldn't be happier :-))

  • Well done Bumble, nothing like a newborn in the house x

  • What a lovely birth Bumble15, and what a beautiful little girl you have. And home so fast! Well done you.

  • Great birth stories jo and bumble, thanks for sharing. I find it so fascinating that we can all have such varied labours. I also had delayed cord clamping and natural placenta delivery this time, I didn't request it, guess it's the new thing to do. Hope you are enjoying your little bundles of joy. They are such a good excuse to sit on the sofa and do nothing but cuddle for hours on end!

  • Thank you for posting your birth story, Bumble15. It sounds so joyful!

    Totally agree with you, thehoads: it's amazing how different all your experiences have been - and yet how wonderful each one was all the same.

    Lovely :)

  • What is delayed cord clamping (I assume it's as it sounds and they just don't cut it right away?) and what is a natural placenta delivery?

  • My birth story for baby Grace born January 25th 2015 at 11.08am weighing 7lbs.4ozs ????????

    Went to bed Saturday night and watched Bridget Jones diary which didn't finish until 1am Sunday morning. I'd seen it a million times so not sure why I stayed up watching it when I could go into labour any min. But I was told I was having an induction Monday so just had that in mind and didn't think she would come on her own anymore lol! At 1.30am a had a small period type pain which I thought nothing of and returned to sleep. At 3am I woke to another pain and a gush of water so headed to the toilet as knew I'd need to check amount and colour ect to call midwife. Pulled my knickers down to find large clots of blood in my knickers. At first I assumed it was my show but I soon realised it wasn't when I was bleeding heavily done both legs and all over the bathroom floor. I called the midwife and was calmly asked to come in to be checked. 

    On the way to hospital had two small contractions, but again only period like pains. Arrived at 3.30 and was put on the monitor and examined. Was told I was 1cm and that the midwife could break my waters which she did and told me my labour shouls progress quicker and contractions should get stronger. When she left the room I joked with my OH that delivery suite was empty and perhaps they were breaking my waters to give them something to do lol!! I think I was expecting to be sent home still. 

    I was asked to go for a wee. While in the loo I realised I had more clots of blood on my pad. I brought the pad for the midwife to examine And was hooked back up to the monitor to keep check of baby. Contractions had already got stronger just from waters being broken and going to the loo and I didn't want to get back on the bed. I was given some codine at this point. At around 530am The midwife informed me my blood pressure was really high and that the bleeding I was having could be a sign that some of the placenta had started to detach. She suggested I have an epidural as this could bring down my bp and if I needed to have a c-section due to the problem with the placenta at least it would be in place. By this point I was having intense contractions around 4 in 10 minutes and was 3cm. The midwife said my uterus wasn't relaxing completely between contractions either hence why they were so intense and this is another sign that the placenta isn't working correctly. 

    I agreed to the epidural and was given gas and air at this point to have it put in as my contractions were coming every 30 seconds and I didnt  feel I was able to sit still long enough while having it done. The gas and air really helped and  the epidural was done and in by 7am. 

    Just as I was starting to feel better the midwife pushed the emergency bell without any warning to me and my OH and ive never seen so many people fill a room. Baby's heart beat dropped to 60-70 beats and I was rolled over onto my sign and about 10 people were lifting my leg in the air til it returned to normal. Which it did. The midwife never left my room after this for the next few hours so I knew they were worried. A consultant came to examine me and decided a c-section might be best but wanted a second opinion from another Doctor who was due in shortly. 

    At around 930am the other Dr arrived and couldn't decide To do a c section or not. I was still 3cm and Babies heart had returned to normal but I was still passing blood. She felt my uterus and it was now not relaxing at all. If I hadn't of had the epidural I would of been having a contraction constantly without an relief inbetween so I'm glad I timed that right! She said she would go and think and return with a decision but to prep me for surgery so I would be ready in an emergency.

    At 1045 she returned and checked the trace of

  • Part 2...can't believe it cut half the story out!

    2nd Dr checked babies trace and it was decided I needed a c section. I was taken to theatre and the anthetist wanted to put another cannula in my arm as my current one was intermittent and if i needed blood in an emergency he wanted to be sure it worked. The rest of the drs got me ready for the c section and they were all set to go but still waiting on the anthetist as my veins are so bad he couldn't find a site. In the end he said he may have to consider putting a line in an artery in my neck! Just as he said that the babiea heart beat dropped to 60-70 beats again and without warning I was cut and baby was delivered in 20 seconds. Turns I had a placenta  abruption and if baby wasn't deliveres in less than a minute Id of lost her! I lost 1 litre of blood and the Dr informed me if they couldn't stop the bleeding I may need a hysterectomy to save my life. Thankfully after lying there for what seemed like forever the dr confirmed I was ok. No hysterectomy either although at the time I didn't care as long as my baby was ok. 

    i would do it all again for my baby girl tomorrow though. She is worth it 

  • brought a tear to my eye, what an emotional story, so glad you had a happy ending xx

  • Oh my god Kara made me emotional too, so glad you had a happy ending  and Grace is beautiful. 

    Essie delayed cord clamping is where they leave baby attatched to the cord for longer when they are born, it means they get all the goodness from the placenta and cord blood. 

    with the placenta they can give you an injection in your leg after the birth which brings on contractions to deliver the placenta and reduces bleeding. As I was in the pool and actually no blood loss during or after delivery of Holly we decided to leave the injection which meant it took slightly longer to deliver the placenta as I had to wait for my uterus to contract naturally to expell it, breast feeding helps that happen though. 

  • Wow, Kara5! Thanks for sharing your birth story.

    Sounds like you were cared for very well in what could have been a very scary situation otherwise. 

    Don't think you'll ever watch Bridget Jones again without thinking of Grace, will you?

  • Thanks bumble!

    wow what a delivery story Kara! That must have been absolutely terrifying! Glad ur both ok xx

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