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  • Gosh sugar you really went through it! 

    So glad lyra is here safe and you're both recovering! 

    Hope you get to come home soon, those days in the hosp after are no fun!! 


    p.s. Hope the food is better at your hosp than the crap I had at mine 😂

  • Thank you for sharing your birth story Sugar. You really did go through it- evidently Lyra wanted to announce her entry to the world, in the same fashion she has had you worried for so many months already!

    I'm glad everything seems fine with Lyra so far. It won't be long until you are home and posting pictures of her growing and being cheeky :-)

    I hope your markers and heart rate return to normal soon and that you get home to properly begin life  as a family quickly :-) 

    x Bunny x

  • Thanks MillP and Bunny - so happy now she's here (although I think my nipples would disagree today as it has definitely been a feeding frenzy!). It's funny that almost every labour has something unexpected or unusual happen - you just can't possibly know in advance what yours will involve!

    MillP, I'm delighted to say the food here is actually pretty good barring one initial dry jacket potato when I was first in labour. 

    I hope things are going well for you both with your little families x

  • I promise the nipples do get used to it! I figure it is a bit like your hands becoming calloused if you do lots of manual labour- mine were quite sore but gradually improved and can now cope with an evening of cluster feeding without hurting :-) have you got nipple cream? I used it after every feed to begin with and now just occasionally. 

    Out little family is feeling more more like a family, doing our normal things, and less like a couple looking after a new baby, so Naomi is now fitting into what we are up to rather than everything have to revolve 100% around her, which is lovely. 

    I was was only in hospital for a few hours but I found I struggled to drink enough- I had to keep asking the midwives to refill a tiny water jug 🤣 Is that pretty standard?

    I promise I will stop commenting on all of these threads soon, and will just head over to the January babies one :-) x

  • My birth story is very short and sweet! My contractions started at 4 am. They were about 5 minutes apart and started to get more intense. I was stalking a bit thinking we had time but my husband thought we better go in . We got to hospital at 5.30 and in delivery ward quickly. I was 8 cms dilated and Alex was born at 6.26. All quite intense but great to have him arrive so quickly 

  • I meant stalling rather than stalking! 

  • Wow eglew speedy work there!! 

    Bunny - I found that with drinking too! Did you have gas and air? I found that dried my mouth out ridiculously! But then stayed really thirsty the whole time I was in...maybe because they keep the hospitals so warm? 

    Also i feel the same with being more like a family now than the couple with a new baby :-) 

    sugar - as bunny said your nipples will get used to it. I used lanolin on mine...-amazing stuff!! Xx

  • That is quick work Eglew! I never even made it to 8cm, let alone in tha short space of time you did.

    I completely agree on the heat and the drinking! The gas and air made me thirsty too but I'm still thirsty now so I think it's the heat in my case - I'm drinking so much as well. My best hospital bag item was definitely my spray bottle of water!

    I've been using lanolin too - loving it so far! Good to know the soreness improves though.

    And I agree, it's weird how quickly you become a family. It's obviously very early days for us yet but earlier on I had a dream in which I was still pregnant. It felt weird to go from a world where Lyra didn't exist yet to one where she was sleeping in front of me.

    See you over on the new thread!

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