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The Due in January 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's finally January 2017 - happy new year! And we know we have had at least one birth already and some babies on the way very soon, so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (and if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  •  Introducing Hannah and Heather my twin girls they were due January 20 but were born December 9 due to  developing preeclampsia they were born weighing in at 3 lbs. 5 oz. and 3 lbs. 10 oz. they are now both home they came home the Tuesday before Christmas and just yesterday they both hit the 6 pound mark we are completely in love With them imageimageimage

  • Oh Highhopes2, it's truly wonderful seeing your little family there - absolutely gorgeous. So were you taken in for a C-section? And if so, how have you found the healing?

  • Here goes with my birth story, sorry for the length of it- I have had quite a lot of time whilst feeding in the middle of the night to write it!

    Introducing to the world Naomi Louisa.
    She was due on the third of January, and I did start having mild contractions that evening. They never went away completely but grew in strength, length and regularity over the following two days.
    We had planned a home birth and a midwife came to check me on the morning of the fifth. I was 1cm dilated and not fully effaced. Throughout that day I continued walking, leaning on my ball, having baths and trying to distract myself.
    Contractions reached every 2-4 minutes by 2am on the sixth and a midwife came out to check again; I was 3cm dilated and fully effaced but contractions still only lasting 45s so not in established labour.
    I was using my TENS machine (which I love) and managed to go back to somehow go back to sleep in between contractions until 8.30am.
    Things then really sped up.
    I woke and felt I needed to push, and was not recovering enough to be able to speak in between contractions. The midwife came straight out and examined me. At about 10am I was having contractions every 2 minutes, lasting about fifty seconds. I was 8cm dilated but really needed to push.
    After a contraction she listed to my baby's heartbeat and it was very slow. After subsequent contractions the heart rate was fine.
    Given that I am a first time mother and that I was only measuring 8cm dilated the decision was made to transfer to hospital to be on the safe side, in case there were any more decelerations as I could have still been in labour for a while.
    We were blue-lighted to hospital and I was given gas and air, which I did not have a clue how to use, having only had my TENS machine until then. My waters broke whilst I was pushing in the ambulance. I was wheeled into a delivery room, someone said "baby is coming now, I don't have any gloves or a towel", my husband just made it into the room as baby was crowning and then a minute later she was born at 10.54am.

    She was put skin to skin with me and was suckling straight away, and only about fifteen minutes later did we get round to checking what sex she was- her daddy found out and told me, and then introduced her by name to the midwives in the room. She also had skin to skin time with her daddy, which was really special and they are already bonding very well. 
    We were ready to be discharged as soon as I had showered and she had fed, which was lovely.
    All in all she took a while to decide she was coming and then made a mad rush for it. Between them my body and Naomi decided not to follow any of the "rules" of labour which did mean that we never ticked the boxes to be in established labour even when she was coming, but I am sure she is just starting early at keeping us on our toes!
    My latent phase of labour was lovely and my husband could not have been more supportive. My actual labour I think I largely slept through (maybe being at home and being so relaxed did speed it up?) and then we had a ride in an ambulance and I popped her out. So, other than a little drama to make my husband panic, a lovely labour and I wouldn't change a thing about it.


    Naomi Louisa, born 10.54am on the sixth of January 2017, weighing 7lb12oz.

  • Hi ladies, here is my story...

    i guess place to start is...our baby boy, Jenson Harry P was born at 1:57am on tues 17th January Weighing 7lb 10oz.

    What a rollercoaster we have been on! 

     i had a sweep on Monday 16th at noon and started getting mild but regular contractions through the afternoon. Hubby got home at half 5, I text my mum saying 'not sure when to ask you to come up as don't want you to come all this way for it to be a false alarm' at approx 5:45pm. At 5:50pm BAM waters break just like on the tv! (luckily on my hard kitchen floor not My cream carpet!)!! 

    We go straight off to hosp, labour progresses really quickly but I found it very manageable. By 10:30pm I was fully dilated and had just had a little bit of gas and air. 

    Started to properly push at 11pm, and unfortunately that's where things went a little off plan! 

    Jenson decided to turn himself back to back and consequently got himself stuck. They made me keep pushing for two hours even though he was not budging in the slightest and I have never known pain like it. It felt like my back was breaking with every contraction but i couldn't have any pain relief. 

    After two hours they finally moved me to triage where I had around 15-20 people decend on me at once. They were prepping theatre and got me ready to be knocked out but first tried ventouse. I had two failed ventouse attempts before going onto forceps. Thankfully the forceps worked so avoided theatre. However Jenson went into shock after birth and needed help to breathe so I lay there helpless as they whisked my baby off in an incubator. 

    Since then Jenson has done everything he can to defy the doctors, recovering in half the time they say for everything. 

    We finally got our first cuddle at 9pm on 17th but I was discharged by then so had to go home and leave him there - I sobbed the whole way home! 

    Back in at 9am yesterday and Jenson continued to do well. He got moved to special care at approx 2pm and by 4pm they were so pleased with him he got moved to transitional care...the last step before home and more importantly somewhere I could stay by his side! 

    So here I am laying in bed just transfixed on my amazing baby boy. 

    We are hoping to bring him home today if he establishes his  feeds well enough (so far so good) and provided his jaundice doesn't get any worse. 

    Sorry for for being such a long post! Despite it not going to plan, I would go through it all again in a split second for my boy. He is so worth it. 

    Much love & good luck to all, Millie & Jenson xx


  • Wow MillP, that made for rollercoaster reading - and congratulations on your beautiful boy Jenson. Sounds like you have a really strong little boy there - but sorry to hear he didn't want to come out. We hope you're all home together really soon. And thank you so much for sharing your birth story. 

  • Hello ladies, 

    My birth story..

    Was due to be induced on 14/1/17. I went into slow labour myself on the 13th, contractions came every 10 mins until Saturday afternoon when they were every 5.i rang the hospital to let them know I thought I was already in labour and went down for 6pm as planned. When I was finally seen around half 8ish I was told I was 8cm and waters were bulging so the Dr burst them. At that point straight away the contractions became so intense. My body went from 3cm to fully dilated by 11,there was no break in the contractions and I was really struggling.  

    I started pushing and then she turned and got stuck near my spine. Her heartbeat dropped to 3bpm, apparently I lost some blood  and my partner thought we were both going to die. 

    I wash rushed to theatre to have an emergency c-section and had to be put to sleep as there was no time for anything else. 

    When I was brought round I finally met my beautiful baby Mia born 15/1/17 weighing 5lb 8. I had to be taken to the high dependency unit as I had an infection and they were worried about my racing pulse and heartbeat. Still on 2 lots of antibiotics now. I also had to have a chest xray as they struggled getting the breathing tube in and all my throat swelled and was really sore. 

    Was discharged at 11:30pm on Tues eve and I'm so pleased to be home . 

    So in love with her! Xximage

  • Sorry at half 8 I was 3cm not 8!xx

  • Congratulations Bunny, MillP and Nalc! It sounds like you all had quite difficult labours but you now have lovely babies to make it worthwhile.

    MillP, I hope you have been able to bring Jenson home by now.

  • Congratulations MillP and Nalc! Sounds as if you both had a really difficult time if it but as you say it is so worth it to be holding our tiny little people!

    I hope mummies are recovering well and babies are feeding and occasionally sleeping 😉😚

    Bunny x

  • Sounds very stressful nalc ! Glad you are recovering and Mia is doing well. 

  • Congrats MiliP he's gorgeous I bet you are totally in love. Sorry to hear both you and nalc births didn't go to plan and you had a difficult time. I'm getting more and more worried now, but I guess I have to go through it whatever I'm faced with. Wish things were straight forward with birthing, but it can be totally unpredictable can't it? 

    I love seeing all the pictures of the babies they are absolutely gorgeous 😍 Honestly what does it feel like when you meet your baby for the first time? Must be SO overwhelming .. 

    come on then ladies how painful are the contractions ??? 

    I have 2 days until due date💖👶🏽 I want to meet her NOW XXX 

  • Hey ladies 

    I'm officially due today but no sign of baby 👶🏽 

    im getting more and more anxious about labour and birth, as I know it can happen at any point now. I have midwife tomorrow and decided I won't opt for a sweep and just hold on for as long as I can. 

    How are all the new and expecting mums getting along? 

    Carly xxxx 

  • Congrats to you on your new arrivals :)

    Carlsemmers I am getting bad lower back pain and also stomach cramps. Last night had really bad ones and then shortly after I had to go number 2. Which could be body preparing itself for labour - I hope so! 

    Started drinking raspberry tea a few days ago. Went and got reflexology yesterday which was really good. Today went walking for an hour and tomorrow have pregnancy massage appointment - cannot wait. 

    I to am anxious and waiting for baby to come now. I really thought I would be at least a week early. Getting a bit restless and not enjoying trips to toilet at night lol. 

    Got midwife booked for thurs if baby doesn't come they suggesting a sweep but not sure if I will accept. Just come before pretty please baby K image

  • Hi everyone so here is my labour story.

    booked in to be induced on the 24.01.17 when I went in I had an examination and I was already 1cm so they decided to go ahead with the pessary. After an hour and a half I was getting intense infrequent contractions. 4 hours later my waters broke themsslves and was moved to a delivery room. 

    Mad my contractions were all the time just not long enough I needed the hormone drip. I did it all on gas and air and some morphine. after 15 hours of constant pains I was feeling the urge to push and was fully dialated but baby was tired and distressed so they ended up putting me to sleep to have a c section. 

    Lyla Susan Grace Byrne was born on 25.01.17 at 09:38 am. I am so in love 


  • Birth story twins:

    i was admitted to hospital at 33w due to high bp and history  of preeclampsia  hi delivered my son at 35w due to pre-e about three years ago so they were watching me closely . 

     was given steroid shots to developed baby's lungs. They next day my bp was looking better and was told I may get to go home in a day or two if bp continued to stay down. But was also warned the steroid shots can mask pre-e for a day or two. 

    The following day I experienced spikes of elevated bp around 170/90 to 174/100. I later developed blurred vision and a sever headache. All sings that pre-e was rearing her ugly head once again. At 33wand 4days I was induced. Started pitocin at 7pm the next morning they used my dose as I had not progressed. took me 12 hours to get to 4cm at 4pm they broke my waters at 6pm I was 6cm 630 I was 9 and 645 I was 10+2cm!! I received epidural at 6ish.  I was not going to get one but the doctor strongly advised because one of the babies need to be slightly turned in order to deliver vaginally. 

    at 650pm I delivered baby a vaginaly hannah rose and 20 min later I delivered baby b heather ann Also vaginaly. 

    This labor pain wise was actually probably 50% less painful then labor with my son. The 20 min between babys was painless we were just waiting for contractions to restart as they had stoped after baby a was delivered. 

    The girls spent exactly 2 weeks in hospital and came home right before Christmas ! They both weighed alittle over 4pounds when they came home and now baby a weighs 7lbs 6oz baby b 8lbs 5oz both doing well but Heather is rather gassy and has some acid reflux. 

  • So good to hear from you Highhopes and read your birth story - we can't believe you delivered vaginally - that's incredible - how are those beautiful twins treating you? 

  • Congrats again Daisylouise and HighHopes - lovely to read your birth stories.

  • Congrats Daisylouise and high hopes . Beautiful babies and thank you fir sharing your birth story! 

  • Hi ladies, just thought I would share my birth story here. Sorry but it's a long one!

    I didn't get my wish of naturally starting labour so went into the hospital to be induced Monday morning. It turned out I was already having contractions by the time I got there but my cervix was completely unfavourable. So they gave me the 24 hour pessary and the contractions got stronger. By the early hours of Tuesday they were so strong I didn't feel I could cope with just paracetamol / TENS but the midwife didn't believe me as I wasn't that dilated yet. However, they hooked me up to a CTG anyway and decided they weren't happy with baby's lack of movement so a consultant was brought to see me and we were taken to the labour ward. Finally, gas and air! This time, they monitored my contractions and said they were actually very strong and they didn't really understand why I just wasn't dilating (we later found out that she switched back to back again during labour and simply couldn't fit into the birth canal). They broke my waters and I got to 6cm but no further. The contractions remained super strong and the baby kept going into distress. Eventually they gave me syntocinon and an epidural but still I didn't dilate. The baby went into distress again, this time the emergency button was pushed and loads of people rushed in. The consultant decided to switch off the drip and wait for the baby to stabilise, which fortunately she did. It was thought that switching the drip back on was too risky for baby and that a long, intense labour was too risky because of my increased risk of bleeding. So the only remaining option was a caesarean.

    Even that was less simple than it sounded. The anaesthetist topped up my epidural, the surgeon tested it and asked if I could feel anything then sounded completely shocked when I said yes! They resorted to a spinal block, which worked a little too well for my liking. I can't remember the details as I was quite scared at the time but the epidural and spinal block reacted unexpectedly together in some way and I went completely numb from the neck down. The anaesthetist reassured me but I could tell he was concerned and he told me the next day that had never happened to him before. After all the drama, Lyra Elodie was finally born at 11:27pm on Feb 7th. 

    The best bit is that she seems completely healthy so far after all of the earlier issues we had. We are still in hospital as I have had an elevated heart rate and temperature since right after the caesarean so they are worried I might have an infection. Lyra is on antibiotics too as a precaution. But our bloods come back today and my symptoms are fading so I'm really hoping we can go home soon!

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