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Opted C-Section ; advice

Hi guys. I'm basically looking for a bit of advice. Me and my partner have both discussed that we'd find it less ''traumatic'' if I were to have a c-section. I'm not going to go into all the details as of why but my mental health plays a big part in it. 

My mum is making me feel terribly guilty about having a c-section. she says ''too posh too push'' remarks and that the doctors won't give me an opted c-section and that I'll be hard pushed to find a midwife who will allow it. 

I am and always have been terrified about pain and hate having to prolong the inevitable, and also terrified of death at childbirth. Whilst I know that this isn't such a high occurrence, I'm sure you'll understand how mental health can affect the way our minds see and cope with scenarios. I know that if labour were to happen naturally, I'd become increasingly stressed and anxious not just at the time of labour but days leading up to as well. 

I'm only a month pregnant, with my first pregnancy and honestly ever since I found out I was expecting i've been continuously worrying about it and i know this isn't going to be good for growing a baby. 


  • Honestly a c section is the last thing I’d choose, after having 10 children myself, 9 normal deliveries and 1 section I would choose a normal delivery anyway. The recovery period after a section is an awful long time compared to a natural birth.
    there is alsorts of pain relief available including an epidural which will numb you completely so you won’t feel anything. Speak to your mid wife about your worries and I’m sure she will give you all options available to you but in my experience I would never have a section again unless it was a medical emergency 
  • I understand your concerns - childbirth is often made out to be this traumatic experience, when often it really isn't! I had a natural birth for my first (vaginal and no pain relief) and it hurt but I luckily look back on it as an overwhelmingly positive experience. 😊

    You'll have to speak to a midwife/doctor about your concerns relating to labour, and they will be able to let you know what the best course of action is. Keep in mind that while vaginal births are 'harder' in regardless to contractions and pushing, the recovery from a c-section is much longer and more painful.

    It's a shame your mum isn't on board with your decision; perhaps don't discuss it with her until it is closer to the date? You are still very early so I wouldn't even be thinking about labour until at least 35 weeks. It's inevitable that the baby will have to come out in some way, so worrying about it (especially this early on) is pointless. I know it's easier said than done, but if your medical team doesn't agree to a planned c-section, remember that there are lots of drugs available that will help you get through it! 
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