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Growth scan

Hi I'm 29 weeks today, last Friday I had a growth scan and Izabella-Rose (babies name) was measuring on the 10th percentile line. I'm new to growth scans as I didn't need them with my other pregnancies. All I know is that at 28 weeks and 3 days she was 2Ib 8oz going off the scan. My midwife said the measurements aren't accurate. So basically I just wanted to input on anyway else who has/had growth scans and does it seem like my baby will be on the smaller size born or isn't there anything to worry about? Mind all my other children have been over or just under 8Ib born even though all have been overdue by a week or more. Thank you. 


  • Hi @Bellejane I posted something similar few days back but haven't had any replies , im 28 weeks too and had first growth scan this week ,since then I've been imagining all sorts of scenarios and my anxiety has gone through the roof my moods also been very low . They told me my baby is 2lb 80z and he is a small baby and he is only on the 3rd centile !? I've looked online and this seems smallish to average or not a worry even . I dont know how the hospital works out centiles when this doesn't tally to what other women are saying . How are the rest of your scans going ? Xx
  • Hi ladies. 
    I have been having growth scans since my 20 week app as one of my twins is on the smaller than they would like side. 
    I go to scans every 2 weeks. Last app i hhad i was 29weeks and my babies wearing weighing in at 3lbs 11oz and 2lbs 1oz. Think my smaller baby is only on the 4th centile but hes tracking along his own little line. Iv been told that hes probably small because i’m small myself and they check his umbilical cord blood flow measurements every two weeks. Try not to worry too much some babies are just small. Xxxx
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