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Due in January 2023

Hello, and welcome to Due in January 2023 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hello :)
    I'm nervous to join as it is such early days! But will hope that it progresses 💕
  • RestingpotatoRestingpotato Regular
    edited May 6, 2022 7:18PM
    Hi @SmithL35!!

    I just happened to notice your username appear under due in January 2023 when I was on the birth clubs main page.

    Huge Congrats to you on your bfp!
    You were due your first baby the same month as I was and I remember you also had a baby boy (as did we!)

    Just wanted to say congrats and I hope you, your partner and son are all doing well.

    I'm due our 2nd at the end of October this year. I haven't actually posted in the due in Oct group yet though, as wanted to hold off until after my 12 week scan, which we've now had.

    Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancy. I cant quite believe our little ones are nearly 20 months!! Xx
  • Ah that's amazing!! I'm so glad you saw my name!! 🥰 massive congratulations, I bet you can't wait!! Oh my goodness hasn't it gone so fast with the boys!!!! 
    Unfortunately I don't think this pregnancy is going to progress 😩 I last few tests I have done are so faint now. But what will be will be 💕 maybe it just wasn't the right time yet. Xx

  • Hi Guys!

    I have have had a scan as I have pain, in my left lower abdomen. No sign of baby (currently 4 weeks and 5 days) and no sign of ectopic pregnancy. So stressful! Repeating another scan next week.
  • Hi ladies how are you both doing @SmithL35 I'm sorry to hear about your concerns do you have an update I really do wish you all the best

    @AshantiDue23 did you have a follow up scan I had an early scan at 5 weeks but heart beat wasn't detected sometimes they can be to small 

  • Hello , 5weeks 2days here, due 1st feb. By dates. But will be having a scheduled section early. 
    Still early days, so nothing is certain yet. It’s a anxious wait. Not had a scan yet. This isn’t my first pregnancy, or baby. Had several m/c recently but this is the furthest I’ve got in the last year, so trying to stay hopeful. :)
  • @Nat104 congratulations first of all and I understand your nerves I wish you all the best my fingers are crossed for you!

  • Hello, mine turned out to be a chemical unfortunately. 
    Best of luck to you all x
  • Heyya everyone,

    I’m new here. First pregnancy at the age of 37. At 8 weeks now, wishing all the best to all of us mummies, and for a smooth pregnancy and healthy babies.

    any tips would be helpful, especially having the first one after the age of 35…quite anxious 
  • @SmithL35 I'm so sorry to hear that I hope you are ok xx

    @Gia85 congratulations just stay calm don't worry so much about your age but if you have any other questions I'm happy to help if I can xx
  • Mine ended up in a m/c , (again) devastated. Good luck people x 
  • Aww @Nat104 I am so sorry to read this :( I really hope you are ok x

    Thank you @Sfw1991

    @Gia85 congratulations! Ah I had my first the month before I turned 37. I was anxious because of reading on the NHS that I was an older mum but every medical professional I met during my pregnancy said I was young! That made me feel better! I know what you mean, but it will be fine x
  • Hello everyone, how are you all feeling? This will be my third and I am 39 next month. I'm absolutely exhausted. Provisional due date of the 28th January. 
  • Hi everyone. Congrats on your little ones 😊 
    This is my 4th baby. We went for our dating scan yesterday and everything looks good. I am 13 weeks, so due 6th January 
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