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  • @MrsP13 yeah my mum said she felt movement around 17 weeks! Definitely funny how every pregnancy is different! Hopefully I get to feel baby soon!! Ooh getting closer! It's so exciting! I can't wait either to see little baby again! I am 18 weeks today!
  • @MrsP13 25 weeks huh?! Wow it may be that long!! I look out for it everyday. May be a long road ahead of me then!! Lol!! That’s ok! I’ll keep my awareness on it just in case I feel movement sooner!!

    @thinkingpositive1 I’m so excited for you to find out the gender!! ☺️👏🏼
  • @Mama2be9 that was just my experience some people feel them earlier than that. In firs time pregnancy’s it’s easy to miss all the smaller movements. In fact the very first movement I felt on my son was two tiny kicks at the top of my stomach. Then I started to feel more and more kicks. First kicks can be felt from as early as 19weeks but it’s dependant on mum size placenta position and baby. I think my son was just a bit lazy. This was proved with 46 hours of labour lol
     sure it won’t be long before you feel movements. 
    I’m 18 weeks today 😊
  • @MrsP13 wow long labor indeed! I know everyone’s experience is different and for FTM’s it can be felt later. So I’ll just keep hoping and looking out for something!! Lol!! Congrats on 18 weeks! We’re all moving along so fast it seems! Almost halfway through! It’s hard to believe! Wow! I turned 17 weeks yesterday and took my baby bump pics! I’m taking them every 2 weeks! I’ll post later today! 🥰
  • @Mama2be9 it was a long labour indeed but that’s inductions for you. 
    Everyone’s experience is different I’m just hoping for a more natural labour this time. 
    That’s such a lovely day thing to do I did that with my son and had some great picks. I just haven’t bothered this time I’m so busy between work and my son that I rarely get any time to actually do me things. Filling out my pregnancy diary is the only thing I can do and I do that before be. 
    My bumps massive. 
    I’m sure baby had a growth spurt over the weekend I was continually hungry for 3 days .

  • Mama2be9Mama2be9 Regular
    edited Feb 5, 2020 7:44PM
    Beautiful bump @MrsP13

     I just talked with a friend who is inducing a natural miscarriage bc she found out she was pregnant and doesn’t want it for a variety of reasons. I’m so sad by this and tried to be supportive, but the lack of awareness she had around it really hurt. Having a life grow inside me feels so sacred and to know all the development that the baby goes through in those early stages made it tough to hear. I wouldn’t have this awareness though if I wasn’t pregnant. I’ve learned so much about my body and what the baby is doing since becoming pregnant and it’s been incredible! 

     I agree that it’s the right choice for her but being full and pregnant and hearing it just really upset me. She smokes cigarettes, has her issues with drugs and alcohol, just got a DUI and may get on probation soon, is in a very unstable and toxic relationship, she strips for a living, and can barely take care of herself, so I think it’s the right choice. I don’t judge her for these actions, I try to support her along a healthier path as best as I can. But I see how miserable she is and how she’s always suffering, but can’t seem to make the changes she desires so she can have a better life.

     I just hope she uses protection and is more careful so she doesn’t run into this again. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry I needed to vent about this bc it’s made me sad. She’s thinking about rejecting her baby and I’m hoping my baby is doing okay and is still growing and thriving within me. We are experiencing very different stages of life so it’s conflicting.
  • It’s hard to think someone is willing to end a pregnancy when so many spend so long trying to conceive without luck, but it sounds like your friend is making the right decision for her. 
    I think all you can do is be supportive towards her, hopefully she will figure a way to improve on her situation but only see can do that unfortunately. 
    It good that she has a supportive friend like you to help her when she needs it.  
  • * it’s the right decision for her which is the most important thing. So many don’t have the choice she has. 
  • Mama2be9Mama2be9 Regular
    edited Feb 5, 2020 8:53PM
    @MrsP13 thanks! Yes she has to make those changes herself. I can just encourage and support. I didn’t know how hard it is for so many ttc until I came to this forum. My heart grew in compassion learning of this. Something I think about a lot when people are unaware or ignorant, is that there is INNOCENCE in ignorance. There is an unknowing which directs the persons thoughts, words and actions. There isn’t ill will. There is just a lack of knowledge. So when I think of this, I have more compassion. 
  • @Mama2be9 thanks! It feels like forever away!! 
    Sounds like your friend is making the right choice for her situation, sometimes you also have to think about the baby and if she couldn't afford to give herself a healthy lifestyle then how could she provide that for baby?? I know theres things like adoption but at the same time it's all about the woman bearing the child and it's her body to choose what happens to it!! Shes lucky to have a supportive friend like you!! 

    @MrsP13 aww, your bump looks great!! I am planning to have a natural birth also, being my first time I'm not sure what to expect but that's the great thing about YouTube and Google haha!! My bump has also grew quite a bit in the last 3-4 days its unbelievable!! Will post a pic later today or tmrw when I get the chance
  • @thinkingpositive1 thanks! Yes I agree! She’s making the best choice for her. It’s just upsetting me probably bc I’m pregnant and feel this life growing in me. It’s upsetting, but I get where’s she’s at. She can’t take care of herself, let alone a baby. So it is truly best for all involved. Just sad. 
  • Does anyone still get worried that the baby is still growing and thriving inside? Maybe I have mild worry bc I haven’t felt her move and don’t feel that pregnant besides a growing belly and feeling tired. I just hope everything is progressing well and sometimes I get anxious before my next appointment. 

    I have my 3rd prenatal appointment February 14th, then my anatomy ultrasound the following week, the 21st! It will be my 1st ultrasound and I’m anxious as to what we will see and find out. 
  • @Mama2be9
    I found my anxiety has got a bit worse since being pregnant and I also worry if everythings developing okay. I have a fetal doppler I use every so often when I really panic so that's been settling to hear babys heart still beating!
    I'm sure everything is going well with your little girl it's just hard not to worry sometimes I know!! 

     I also haven't felt any movement yet and I am 18 weeks and 2 days, I have my anatomy scan next friday and cant wait to see how big baby is now!! And find the gender hehe!
  • Hey sorry I've been absent a but just been feeling so unwell and headachy  had my 16 week appointment  and got to hear the heat beat !!! 158 beats per min : 
  • @thinkingpositive1 thanks! Yea my anxiety has just seemed to pick up in the last week or so bc I haven’t felt movement and want some reassurance that all is still progressing. The wait between each appointment can really drag. Excited for your anatomy scan and to find out the gender! 👏🏼🙏☺️🥰
  • @Chloe87 oh hun sorry you haven’t been feeling well! You sick or just pregnancy stuff? Glad you finally got to hear the heartbeat!! 💓 Such an amazing feeling and sound, right?? Did you find out your due date?
  • Anxiety is such a pain in the rear... first pregnancy it wasn’t to bad but this time round it’s just mental. 
    It’s quite frustrating when your expected to wait for movements as a way to know baby’s ok and still nothing’s happening. 
    I keep having silly thoughts of getting to the scan and baby not being ok. But I keep pushing them away as thoughts like that will make for a dark place. 
    Once we’ve had our scans I’m sure will all start to feel a little more settled. 

  • Mama2be9Mama2be9 Regular
    edited Feb 6, 2020 9:00PM
    @MrsP13 thanks hun! Yea my next appointment is valentines day where I’ll at least hear the heartbeat 💓. The following Friday I’ll have my first ultrasound scan and am anxious for that.... since I haven’t had any scans yet, it will be the first time I’ll see my baby!! I’m excited and anxious! Glad I have my prenatal appointment the week before so I can hear the  heartbeat and be settled by that I’m sure! 💓 I’m always shocked and in awe when I hear her heart beating away. Makes it all real again and makes me feel reassured she’s ok. 💚
  • @Mama2be9 that’s one thing I’m always envious of, in wales we don’t get to hear the heart beat until at least 24 weeks if we don’t hear it at the 20 week scan. So I still haven’t heated our little ones heart. But I have sen it on our scan which was really reassuring. But it feels like such a long wait 
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