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Hello everyone! Updates on everyone… (June 15)

Hi ladies!

how's everyone doing? I thought I'd start a new thread we can post on to see how we are all doing and update one another on booking appointments and scans...

I have my booking appointment on Tuesday 11th.

Suffering with nausea, being sick and bloating!

Hope everyone is well xxx



  • Hi LoujaOs83,

    Sorry if it seems a bit quiet, we're sure someone will be along in a mo, but it might help to know our email notifications system (when someone replies to your post) is currently broken. We are working to fix it asap, so please bear with us!

  • hi louja,

    i'm slightly nervous and excited to be posting on here.  still cant quite believe it. I have a 20 month old ds already.

    no symptoms really, just feel like a whale already!

    have my booking in app on tues! hope yours went well!x

  • Hi everyone. I am new to the forum. I have taken a few tests with varying shades of lines and have a drs appointment on Friday to 'confirm'.

    I'm very nervous, emotional but other than that no other real symptoms x
  • Thanks for letting me know Danielle x

    allytoots- how did your appointment go? Mine went well... Had bloods done and flu jab. Got to go back on Monday to complete notes as she ran out of time. 

    sheen- good luck with your appointment tomorrow, let us know how it goes!

    i am totally fed up of feeling sick! So much worse than when I was pregnant with my DS... May be its a girl this time??

    anyone been thinking of names and whether they'll find out the sex?

    hope everyone is well xx

  • Hey Louja,

    We won't be finding out the sex, I think it'll be a nice surprise image

    Hope everyone is doing well. .. I'll keep people posted with my appointment tomorrow. ..

    Eeeek nervous!

  • Is this your first Sheen? I'm sure it will be a lovely surprise - I'm just too impatient!! Lol! Looking forward to hearing how tomorrow goes xxx

  • Yep first of my own. I have a step daughter image

    I'll keep you posted on my appointment. It's not til 17:15 image x
  • Hope your apt goes well Sheen! image

  • Hope it went well Sheen. Do you know your EDD? Xx

  • Hey everyone thanks for asking...

    I feel pretty deflated.??They didn't do a test and I know it's very unlikely that I have tests that are a false positive but I have recently also been told I have a cyst on my left ovary so now I'm worried that it's given a false positive???I just wanted reassurance really??But she wasn't very helpful.??Anyone else had this issue???She has referred me to the midwifes so that's a bonus but I don't want to wait weeks for some answers.??Any reassuring words or advice would be greatly received??XxLikeQUOTE
  • She didn't give me a due date either, but working it out myself it's around the 16-19th July x
  • Ahhh so your not due in June? The midwife will do your dates. I wouldn't think a cyst would give a false positive... Only heard of hormone drugs giving false positives!! Don't worry at all, I'm sure all is fine xxx

  • Thanks for taking time to reply Louja...

    I have worked it out with the online calculator things. I presume they all work it out the same way and that it's the same as drs/ midwives?


    How are you anyway? X
  • Yeah normally is the same image though your official due date will be made at your dating scan:

    I'm ok thank you, though I've been really struggling with sickness all day long... Really tough with a 15 month old... Luckily hubby has been looking after us both!! 

    I have a midwife appointment today to finish off my booking appointment and sort out my scan date xx

  • Hey louja,

    The doc app went fine, just got my flu jab and they passed my info on to the hospital, they really don't do a lot.  But I have my appointment in the morning with the midwife so I'm sure we will catch our first glimpse of bubba. Soooo excited but really nervous too!!

    Yes I have real bad nausea at all times of the day and night but I haven't actually been sick yet, thankfully! I had nothing with ds!

    I don't think there is many fasle positves - fingers crossed for you sheen!

  • Thanks. I wonder if/ when I'll start to feel nauseous. I wake up in thr early hours starving but haven't really felt much sickness as such x
  • Hi ladies, 

    I've got my 12 week scan on thurs, excited and nervous. We still haven't told anyone yet so plan to take our parents out on Friday to break the news. 

    I too have been really struggling with nausea/sickness/no appetite. I've actually lost 9lbs since I found out! I've actually booked a drs app for weds to see if there's anything I can take to ease it, as I'm also really dehydrated as I can't take on much fluids. Pretty much everything turns my stomach. 

    Hope your midwife app goes ok louja and yours tomorrow allytoot xx


  • Hi ladies!

    Hope your appointment went well with the midwife allytoots- were you having a scan too, to see baby?

    How exciting FaithRyan - sounds like the groups firat 12 week scan... I bet you can't wait!!

    Sickness really is a killer... I'm so struggling with it! May ask the docs for anti-sickness meds!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your scans and appointments!


  • Hi Ladies,

    Sorry not been able to keep up! It's hard work when you have a toddler too.

    I had my midwife appointment yesterday for booking in which went well. There is a bit of confusion of my dates so not sure exactly when I'm due, my midwife thinks I should be due on 1st June meaning I'm 12wks already but I thought I was nearer 10th-11th June meaning I'm 11wks tomorrow. She said it would be confirmed at my scan which is on 3rd Dec (I wish it had been brought forward a bit though!).

    I have been getting a bit of backache and very tired but other than that I am pretty good. How has everyone else been getting on with their appointments?

    My work totally hate me because of my pregnancy news. I have only worked there for about 6wks but my manager is giving me a really hard time. She took me into the office to basically have a go at me and tell me she doesn't know what she is going to do about this mess and did I just want to stop working now!


  • Wow your manager sounds well out of order! X hope you can get some support
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