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  • Pe4nut, thank you so much for telling us all about it and we know Finley kept you waiting, agggesss, but wasn't he worth the wait! Do drop me a PM with your name and address so we can send you a baby gift. 

    We hope everyone else's baby gifts have arrived? 

  • Sorry I haven't posted until now, I lost the thread, also my story seems to be huge!

    Woke up Weds 28th June with period pain but assumed it was just pressure and did my weekly shop in ASDA. By 2pm the pain seemed to come every 30 mins or so and I emailed OH to let him know he needs to finish work with everything cleared and maybe get an out of office on. He came home around 6pm and took me to McDonalds as I didn't want to cook. By 11pm the contractions were every 10 mins so I stayed up and timed them, not too painful. Managed to last until 1pm Thursday and went to triage as they were 3 mins apart, was 2cm and got sent home with a codeine. 11pm Thursday night my waters broke and the contractions came thick and fast so used my tens machine. Went hospital and 4cm so admitted to midwife unit.  Had diamorphine and a couple of hours sleep. Didn't realise that every time I moved more water would come out. Started vomiting about 5am and told I was dehydrated and moved to the labour ward and a drip started. They then decided I wasn't dilating quick enough and at 7am Friday they started me on Oxytocin which progressed me very quickly and they had to turn it off as I had back to back contractions. Wasn't allowed gas n air as I was being sick so managed with just my tens machine on full blast and I refused to turn the boost button off. They asked a doctor  look at baby's heart rate at about 11am and then at 12 noon a consultant came in, it was then explained that baby was distressed and a c section would be a good idea. I was being stripped and put in a gown and a catheter fitted while this was going on so I knew it wasn't an option. Rushed to theatre where Owen was born at 12.31pm on Friday 30th June and needed a bit of resuscitation. Got moved back to a ward about 5pm then let home about 4pm on sunday. 

    Not in much pain but finding not being able to do anything rather frustrating. 

    Love being a mummy but have a greedy baby who sleeps about 1.5hrs between feeds and then sits awake for 2 hours refusing to be put down. Other than feeling like a zombie, I'm all good 😃😴

  • I keep getting someway through writing this & then not finishing it & it times out 🙈 

    Kit will be 7 weeks tomorrow - born via planned c-section. 

    We arrived at the hospital at 7.30am on the big day - we were lucky enough to be given a private room which made it all a little more relaxing (ish!) I was gowned & stockinged up & had to wait to be taken down. 

    Went to theatre around 9.45 - the injections & the cannula were probably the worst part. a bit of nurse communication led to the blood from my hand spirting all over the floor 🙈

    i was all hooked up & the screen was put up over me, couldn't believe there was so many people in theatre for just me! I coped quite well until my husband came in in his scrubs & then I got very emotional! 

    Kit was born at 10.30am and was all safe & sound. He was out & over the other side of the theatre before I even knew he'd arrived.

    i was very grateful for my wonderful husband as I was utterly useless with no feeling in my legs for several hours.

    Kit was born on the Wednesday & we went home Friday lunchtime after some catheter complications (one thing I will never miss!!)

    definitely the scariest biggest thing Iv ever done!

  • Wow Emma, that sounds like quite an ordeal, thankfully Owen arrived safe and sound. 

    Thanks so much for telling us your story wishing, it can be so overwhelming and emotional - we totally get where you're coming from.

    How are your C-section scars healing? 

  • My c section scar seems to be healing well, I have 1 stitch that won't dissolve and keeps catching but midwife just said keep it clean and it will dissolve. I didn't bother with my pain relief after the first week as it just made me tired and I'm just a little achey at night. My scar seems to run hip to hip though which seems massive so I'm hoping it will shrink! 

  • So glad you're on the mend. Emma and wishing, please don't forget to PM me your full name and addy so we can send you a little gift for posting your birth story (and anyone else who's posted here too!) 

  • My scar seems fine now, I was in some pain for the first week - getting in & out of bed seemed to be the worst thing.

    but like you Emma I didn't take anything after the first week - and was only ever on paracetamol and ibruprofen. Of all the horror stories I was quite pleasantly surprised with my recovery x

  • Wow I'm late posting this! Totally want a free gift too ;-) 

    Went in for elective section at 39+1 on 20th June as baby had stopped growing and none of the 3 consultants I saw through pregnancy could reassure me everything was ok (been having headaches and feeling off also for 2 weeks prior with +4 protein in urine) so last consultant said for everyone's safety (think she pointed out my past PND following traumatic birth) get bub out.

    so 3 days of monitoring over weekend and Monday (2 steroid injections prior "just incase" baby made its own way out (I WILL NEVER have steroids in my ass again- sh*t me worse than contractions!!) Got to the tuesday all safe :)

    Arrived on postnatal at 07:30, eventually down to theatre at 3:20, difficulty in putting epidural in :-( 3rd attempt was good ((back still hurts now)) then all went very quick from there. Milo was born at just gone 4 weighing 7lb5.5oz and with THE loudest cry I've ever heard a newborn do, then peed EVERYWHERE lol!! My fiancée told me baby's gender which was magical seeing his little face and him saying "it's a boy,we've got another boy" will stay with me forever 💙 

    Moving legs within 2 hours, only 400ml bloodloss, healed beautifully latched straight away in recovery and breastfed for 4 weeks (combined with formula) he's amazing and we are so infatuated-1 complete family!! image

  • I have these too Zoe! image

  • Oh Tina his face is a picture!  My best friend got me them and I think they are ace! Nice way to document each month and how different they Andrew :-)

  • Oh wow, we had a very lovely parcel delivered today. Thank you so much Danielle and the Madeformums team! Roll on baby bedtime so we can get a photo of a snug Finley in his sleeping bag to share!

  • Hooray it arrived Pe4nut - so sorry it took so long! And here's to (fingers crossed) a good nights sleep!

  • Hi every one so here's our story! 

    This is my 2nd baby and our first was breech until 37 weeks until she finally turned, was induced at term plus 12 then section for failure to progress.

    During this pregnant baby was transverse or breech during scans. We were given a date for a section at 39weeks. I saw my community midwife on the Wednesday before the week we were due and he was still transverse.... but during my pre op on the Friday he has turned head down! I was asked what i would like to do... section or try natural. I opted to try the natural route and was told to come back the following Tuesday for another scan. The Tuesday scan showed he was still head down so the section was cancelled. At 40 weeks I was offered a sweep by the consultant. During that appointment the scan showed baby was breech again! We were told this now constitutes being listed pronto for a section due to the dangers should my waters go or labour commence naturally so they booked me a slot for 2 days later. 

    We arrived for that appointment and they popped the scanner on... baby was transverse and heading south! So again we were asked whether we wanted to go ahead with our section or wait to see if he managed the turn. I said I'd like to wait. The only issue was this meant being admitted then and there as baby's limbs and cord were hanging south and should labour or waters go we would need emergency section. 

    We were given a week to see if the little guy could do it! Each day I walked 5 miles around the hospital, did steep inversions off the bed, ball rotations, ice and warmth, played baby music, had acupuncture and moxabustion but each day the scan showed little movement! We had the section on the 22nd June which was incidentaly our original date and my dad's birthday! 

    We were first on the list and the surgeon and team were amazing.... surgeon joked he had wellies on especially as thought I was carrying a lot of fluid... I said might just be a big baby!? Everyone guessed around the 8 lb mark like my daughter. 

    The surgeon began to pull baby out and in could hear him saying oh wow oh wow so big!! Eventually a large baby was shown to me before being quickly wrapped and passed to hubby who told me he was enormous! 

    They tried to pop him on my chest but he was just to heavy for me! Once in recovery the little guy was weighed 11lb 5.5oz ! He latched on straight away baby Theo Alexander 99th percentile for height and weight literally a 4 mth old who has bypassed all new born and 0-3 clothes!! In love!!! image

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