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  • Hey All, my baby boy Alfie arrived on 7/11 at 9.19am by elective section weighing in at 7ib6oz. He is doing really well and so am I. Only complication was a blood loss of 1.5 litres which has meant coming home with drugs and blood thinning injections but better to be safe than sorry. Had 2 visits at home from midwife now and in 5 days Alfie now weighs in at 8ib2oz not bad for a breast fed baby! imageimage

  • Oh hannal, he is so, so lovely! We hope you're healing well and and not too uncomfortable! And welcome to the World Alfie! 

  • l shall do my birth story later but it's rather long and I don't want to scare anyone as it was very difficult xxxz I'm so pleased we R all having healthy beautiful babies, 

  • Congratulations hannel another beautiful baby, we did say they'll all arrive at once lol. I can't get over how many c-sections either! as long as baby arrives safely that's all that matters. 

    Now I've just got to encourage my own little man to exit as his sister is sooooo impatient, don't know where she gets it from 😂

  • Hey guys ok my labour story:

    i was 2cm dilated for 2 days and on so much pain I was seen in the birthing centre and they gave me pethadine and then diamorphine as i had a horrific pain in my leg and back! They sent me home and after 11 hours I went back in for them to say I was only 3cm! they kept me in but after another 7 hours decided to put me on a drip to induce me and gave me an epidural, i was strapped up to the machines and drip for 10 hours but my baby was back to back and then side ways and completely stuck! They then said I was fully dilated and made me push for 2 hours to then rush the doctors in to say he had poo'd in me and I had bloody coming out my bladder and they had made an error and I wasn't even fully dilated! at this point i was beside myself! it had been 5 days now and I hadn't made progress! 

    They then rushed me Down to an emergency c section, I had an allergic reaction to all the drugs and couldn't stop itching which was really odd but I felt so much calmer when he was out and I waited and waited for my baby to cry and finally he did! I couldn't hold him due to shaking so much so he was put on me and he kissed me and popped his tongue in my mouth. 

    My son weighed 7ibs 4oz and was healthy.

    i spent 2 nights in hospital and then was Home. its hard having a section and having to do everything for your baby but it's so worth it. 

    My partner filmed the birth and all the progress it's hilarious if anyone would want to watch it it's on YouTube called Oceans story, it's had 6.3k watchers on FB but a few on YouTube! 

    tips; epidural was painful going in but I would recommend it if you are being induced as it's very painful! I took every drug I could get but I was in labour for 5 days. You know your own body if you know its not right u make sure they listen to u as at times they didn't believe me on how much pain I was in and just thought it was me being a drama queen! If you breast feed and your nipples really hurt get them to show u how to do it, it's not painful when it's done correctly. 

    Good luck everyone xxx

  • Wow Viks, that really is some birth story.

    Definitely agree with the epidural/spinal tap advice, it stings like a bee going in BUT a few minutes stinging is nothing compared to the potential days of induction...

  • Viks1980 - what a birth story! Do you fancy posting a link to your YouTube video? We would love to see it! 

  • Congrats ladies on your bundles of joy what gorgeous babies. 

    The things us mums go through for our babies but there worth every second. 

  • my birth story after being 10 days late booked in for induction on 11th November had a pessary put in slowly started to feel contractions but after a sleep they went to nothing then had to wait 24 hours before they could try and again after a lot of waiting around on Sunday 13th november was  told they would try Pessary again was given another sweep before hand this was 6pm pains started instantly and got worse my waters broke not long after had to wait 4 hours till they could check if i had dilated as because I was induced it could cause infection when they checked at 10pm I was 6cm dilated then at 11.28 pm gave birth to my handsome man 8ib 8oz no pain relief and no stitches 👍 my oh was amazing our first baby together he supported me so much holding me hand the whole way though and asking what he could do to help his such a proud daddy ❤️💙👶🏻


    This is the link to my birth story...please excuse how rank I look! please watch it's hilarious xxx

  • Viks1980, this is the most brilliant video! Your fella is hysterical! And that bit when Ocean is being measured all naked and new baby, made me well up - reminded me of my births. What a fab video to have! 

  • Danielle isnt he hilarious! 

    the midwives contacted him and asked if they could use it to show the other midwives what it's like from a partners perspective haha xxx

  • It was brilliant, and you are an absolute star! 

  • Loved it viks, gonna show it to my partner as he's bloody useless when I'm in labour, bless him. last time I had to tell him to pull himself together as it was me having the baby 😂

  • Hello! So my other half and I decided not to find out the gender of our baby and we welcomed a little baby BOY on Friday and he's called Theodore George. He weighed 6lbs 9oz and was born by elective c-section due to my previous 14 operations for my Crohn's disease. Gastro surgeon said categorically no pushing "otherwise your arse will fall out" 😂

    Luckily the section was as straight forward as these things can be; just had to have a spinal and an epidural in case the scar tissue from Crohn's ops caused problems, making the surgery longer. Turns out in the end the surgical gastro team weren't required to interfere which meant we could get on and deliver my son with just the spinal and have the epidural removed. (Still can't believe I have a son!!)

    In hospital currently but hoping to go home today - drs say I'm healing well and Theo's passed all his health checks too. 

    Becoming a mum for the first time is honestly one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. Makes me want to have all the babies! But in the meantime, here are some pictures of baby Theo 💙 Xx


  • My birth story begins with my waters breaking at 5.30 am on Thursday morning, I was asked to return at 6am on Friday morning to be induced if labour hadn't progressed due to risk of infection. contraction began around 1pm that were instantly strong and painful, I spent from 3-5am in the bath to help making my way to hospital for 6am as requested.

    Once at the hospital delivery was full so I was placed on a 'holding/ assessment' unit for hours. my contractions were coming every 4 minutes and I was in agony. finally they agreed to give me gas and air which helped with the pain. I couldn't have anything stronger until transfered to delivery, initially they held of examining me due to risk of infection however when they did I was only 3cm Which didn't tally with the strong frequent contractions.

    Hours later as transfered to delivery and settled while begging for an epidural by this point I was convinced that I was ready to have him. I was re-es mined and was 5cm dilated, although progressing slowly they decided not to intervene and induce. epidural was bliss however contraction died right down, baby's heart beat was fine however he was hardly moving. The dession was then made to hook me up to a hormone drip, this had no affect and I was only getting  6 contractions an hour. I then started to uncontrollably shake and throw up and my temp spiked at 41 so was hooked up and gave iv antibiotics for an infection and my heart rate was 130. Due to this and continued lack of movement they were prepping me for an emergency c-section. A asked them to examine me as I had no pain but felt baby was really low, to midwifes amazement I was fully dilated and told they'd give me 20 mins pushing max, 15 minutes later my little man was born weighting 7lb at 9.3pm on Friday 18th.

    As I'd developed an infection Beau was placed under the neo natal team and fitted with a cannula and as a precaution given iv antibiotics. Unfortunately his blood test showed his infection indicator to be 61, it needs to be under 10 so yesterday morning he had to have a lumber puncture test and this morning they've told me that his wire blood count is too high indicating an infection around brain and spine (not confirmed meningitis) so we've got to remain in hospital for 10 days for treatment. I'm now fit and well and being discharged from the maternity ward so we're waiting to be moved to the transitional ward which is where mums stay with babies who aren't well enough for discharge. as you ladies know it's just soooo hard being seprated from your other children so I've been quiet weepy today, especially as I couldn't settle beau last night and felt he was in pain. The important thing I know is to get beau well and back home. He really has been a little trooper 💙

  • My daughter meeting her baby brother 😍image

  • Some lovely birth stories here. I know how you feel Chezabelle. I am still in neonatal with my twins a fortnight on & while discharge is getting closer I still have no confirmed date yet. Hubby is having to ask work for extended leave  (paternity leave officially ends tomorrow ) to look after our other two girls at home. My hormones havebeen all over the place this weekend 😢

  • Lovely birth story HattieEtc and Theo is absolute perfection. And we're glad to know your arse is still in tact. 

    Chezabelle, we really hope you guys are doing ok? Poor you and poor poor Beau - but we're so glad he's being well looked after. Please keep us posted on his progress won't you? 

  • Oh kazzie I Really feel for you, I've been informed that Beau is responding to the antibiotics and his infection marker is reducing so we've just got to finish the 10 day course, then home bound, still got to make it till sunday though! I'm getting daily after school visits from my daughter and she seems more settled now she back home with daddy and into her routine of school, poor bugger went from pillow to post over the weekend. Hope all the other babies and mums are doing well 💙💖 😍

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