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Worried is my pregnancy viable

LauraL621LauraL621 Regular
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I'm a little anxious that my pregnancy isn't viable. I cannot remember the date of my last period but I took 3 HPTS last week and all 3 positive. I haven't really been having pregnancy symptoms. My bbt is what's worrying me. This morning it was 97.77 (36.53) and once before I was pregnant and my temps were anything from 98.4 to 98.6 before I lost the last pregnancy so a bbtof 97.77 would be low for me. During the day the most I am reaching is 97.90 and when I was pregnant previously, before miscarrying my day temperature would have been much higher than this, anything from 96.4 to 96.6.I estimate I am about 6 wks along. Don't feel pregnant at all  


  • As I suspected. A bit of pinkish bleeding. Unfortunately I think I am having a miscarriage 😓
  • I don’t think BBT is predictable once you are pregnant. I’m not 100% sure about that but I think That’s the case. When I had my miscarriage it started out with brown spotting not sure but It might not necessarily mean your having a miscarriage. Fingers crossed for you
  • Hi Laura,

    I’m very very sorry if you are. My fingers are crossed for you. But you really cannot guess!

    Mine started out pink but accelerated VERY quick so for now, unless you are there (and you will get through it!) call your OB so they can take a look. You can also visit a hospital for an emergency ultrasound. 

    Just go and save yourself the worry and know you are not alone.

  • I agree check in with your ob and see What they say
  • Thanks to you both for the messages. I appreciate it 
  • I have now noticed a small bit of brown discharge. So far I have had no heavy bleeding today or cramping 
  • All right. 

    Remember you are veeery early, I didn’t have any real symptoms either but again it doesn’t mean anything.

    Try with all you strength to look at this rationally, if somethings up it’s up.. and you got preg which means you will again or everything is ok and this is just one of your own shitty symptoms.

    At 7 weeks they usually detect heart activity - so try and hang on for another week and then find an OB you can pay privately to have a look. 

    Fingers crossed and toes!

  • Feeling very crampy and now starting to pass red blood. Going to go into the clinic. Preparing myself for the worst now 😓😓😪
    What an emotional rollercoaster! From feelings of elation and excitement to feelings of devastation.
  • Fuck. Okay, been there. 

    I’m in Stockholm so we’re in different time zones.

    You got pregnant! Again. This is important, your body CAN sustain a pregnancy maybe you are just shit out of luck twice, which happens.. I don’t know why us women have to go though this, the horror it unimaginable.    

    Anyway.. I had a d&c just last week, lost mine at 10+3. Silently. But I’m positive we’ll get our baby! 

    If something wrong ask them what your options are of running labs (they usually offer this after 3 misc. Jesus) but ask anyway. 

    You are not alone in this, countless of us go though this and you will get pregnant and you will be okay. 

    Let me know I it goes and I’ll be here Laura. Remember to breath.


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