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Hello guys.

First time mummy to be here, due September, wondering if anyone can give me any tips and info on anything, I think I’m about 6 weeks pregnant due for my first midwife appointment next week, have awful nausea with few times being sick, my boobs and nipples are horrendously sore too, is normal so early on? 

Whens he best time to buy things? Don’t want to be getting things to early but I’m so excited :) 


  • Hi jojo87x,

    Congratulations on ur bfp I will be 7wks this weekend and have been experiencing the same symptoms, this is my 4th and final baby and have always experienced symptoms early. This time and my youngest I actually had symptoms before af which made me test.

    Have found ginger biscuits a god send for sickness but make sure u have a drink on hand :) 

    Brought a couple of new bras and boobs definatley better this week but feel rather full.

    When r u due ? X

  • im due around 18th September I think on my calculations, never realised morning (all day) sickness can make you feel so tired and crap also. Feel like I have no energy at the moment.

    I have invested in ginger biscuits but must say I hate the things haha. Congrats on your 4th and final :) 

  • Me too and had never resorted to them before but as we are trying to keep it on the down low from our eldest until the 12th week scan was willing to try anything 😬 just a couple sort the sickness but I have to be able to wash the down 😂 from experience the tiredness is better after the 1st trimester so all I can really recommend is rest as much as u can as never found anything else really helped.

    Based on my dates I think the 16th Sept so we are very close. X

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