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Morning sickness – when it starts, when it stops and what helps?

Hi everyone, 
We're posting this thread as we know some of you will be suffering with morning sickness, so we thought we'd give you a thread to discuss it, hopefully pick up some tips for coping, and anything else you want to add.  
And by the way, whoever named it morning sickness is crazy - we know it can last all day! 


  • Ok so I am really suffering with ‘all day sickness’ and nausea. The thought and smell of food turns my stomach - which is made worse by having a heightened sense of smell! The only food I can eat is oaty cereal bars, flapjack, ginger biscuits and dried cereal. I’ve been wearing travel sickness bands, they don’t seem to be helping but I’m not taking them off in case I get worse! Anybody got anything that’s helping them that I can try? Or at least tell me I’m not alone - misery likes company after all! 
  • I suffered from ‘morning sickness’ 6weeks till 9weeks. I guess I got lucky with the short duration. But it was hell. Feeling nauseous 5-7hours per day, loss of appetite, weight loss and extreme exhaustion. What helped me was honestly not lying down too often, salty food and ginger and lemon tea. It curbed the sick feeling for a few hours. Crackers is a popular method to stop sickness but it honestly made me feel worse. It will pass soon, hang in there  :)<3
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