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Free cash

Just thought I'd share an easy way to make ??40 for 2mins effort.

1) Join (its free...they only take ??5 a year from the money you make..make no money, pay no fee)

2) Apply through quidco for a "PayDay Loan" of ??80 and pick a date for them to take repayment.

3) Have enough cash in your account to repay the loan + interest (??100 in total)

4) Receive ??60 from quidco for taking out the loan ;o)

5) When they phone to offer you a bigger loan, JUST SAY NO (they're not pushy). easy ??40.

Ok, its ??35 if this is all you earn from quidco, as they will take ??5, but its easy to take a few other deals that dont require any money from you that pay you cash. e.g. Get a car quote and you get ??2 or get an free Experian credit check and get ??7.50).

I use quidco to link through for as many purchases as I can....I've had almost ??400 from them so far...but the best and easiest deal is PayDay Loans....unbelievable free cash ;o)



  • Hi
    I don't mean to be funny but those sort of things usually end in problems.
    Where did you hear about it?
    I've have seen so many financial scams over the years especially ones like this, they are all too good to be true.
    If youv'e made money thats great for you but please please be careful, especially as they have your bank details.
    My hubby has spoken to our Finance advisor(helping us day to day after Bankruptcy) and he say's not to go for it, stay well clear because more often than not they will wack a great interest on certain loans, they also GIVE YOUR DETAILS to other such companies some of which may not be so legit!!!!!!
    I hope things continue to go well for you
  • well..not wishing to tempt fate, but so far-so good. I did it in August and they took the ??100 back on time, but have no other contact apart from a "Would you like another loan?", which I declined. The 'catch' as I see it is that if you take a larger loan, you pay them money; its only the quidco cashback that makes the ??80 loan worthwhile. The APR was nuts...about 800,000% (??20 for 6 days loan of ??80), but the absolute return was worth it.

    A friend of mine put me onto it (and quidco which offers cashback on lots of things like House Insurance, Car Insurance, Credit Cards etc.). For example, I applied for a credit card and for now fee, got ??35.

    I figure PayDay Loans must be fairly legit to be on Quidco, as its all bignames on there....I even think there's cashback on mothercare purchases..but might have imagined that.

    Fingers crossed anyway....I'd be interested to hear if anybody has any bad experiences with it.

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