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wrongly claiming

i am aware of some1 who is claiming child care costs while she is at work- bt instead of takin baby 2 creche she leaves him with the dad (thy r seperated) and so keeps the money 4 herself? can i report that? it drives me mad wen ppl do that wen thr r people who are workin their arsses off


  • I agree with you completely, genuine claimants yes, false claimants deserve everything they get.

    This link will take you to an online form which you can fill in.

    I only suspected that fraud was being committed, and said so in the form, but it was looked into. I have to say they actually acted onit really quickly, and within two weeks I was hearing that the person was being investigated. It turned out I was right and the person is now having to pay it all back.

    You don't even need to give your details unless you're happy to.

  • hi i agree that u should report her but....
    perhaps she still has to pay to keep the nursery place open?

    just a thought cause i just know that even if she doesnt use the nursery days, if she wants to keep the place (like if dad cant take child) then she has to pay ?
  • thanx for the link i reported someone to, it get son my nervous and she is bragging about it so that something needs to be done hope they sort it out there are peole who really need the help
  • benefits should be for people that genuinly need them and there will be times when we all need a hand. Those who pay taxes shouldn't have to subsidise those who'd rather steal honest and deserving peoples benefits. If she needs to pay to keep a place open then its daft not to use whats been paid for and if she's keeping it then she will be found out. bet the dad wouldn't be too impressed to know he's looking after little one and she's keeping the money!
  • Usually you have to give proof that your child goes to a carer who has to sign it and send it back every couple of months or so otherwise they don't pay out, so if they are signing, there are 2 people you'll get into trouble
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