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Help please!

Me and Oh currently receive child tax credits, i am on maternity leave. We are moving and i will be going back to college so will there for not be returning to work. We are not entitled to working tax because of what our income was.

With me not returning to work, will we be able to get extra help?? I know it goes on last years earnings which is daft when its this year we need the help if that makes sense? I just wondered if they would stay the same or we would be able to claim a little more?

We know we wont be able to spend as much as usual, but in the longer run me going to college, and getting a "career" behind me is so much better than my dead end job, where to be honest im not going any where in!

Thanks in advance!
Jade xxx


  • Hi if you ring the tax credits helpline and tell them you are not going back to work so will have a drop in income of X amount of money (tell them your income which you wont have anymore) and ask them if they will base your tax credits on your new figure, i think they will do this if there is a signifigant chance.
    depending on what your income will be once you quit work, you might be entilted to more help. have a look on
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