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Isthere any help I can get if I be a stay at home mum?

I would really really like to be a stay at home mum once my little one is born in March but we wouldn't be able to cope with all the bills etc with just hubbies wage so was just wondering if there is any help from anywhere to be a stay at home mum?



  • all depends on what ur joint income is, theres working tax credits, chld tax credits, possibly housing benefits

    check out, type in what ur joint income will be as if u were stay at home (so just ur OHs wages) and see what it says. i've also heard of a few people on here that when they've applied for their child tax credits once bubs is here they've enclosed a letter askling them to take in to consideration that their wages are now going to be dramtaically reduced due to be on maternity leave, other wise they'll base ur entitlement on what u earnt the previous tax yr, so could get u a few exta pennies if they take into account u won't be earning ur full wage and just maternity pay. hth
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