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maternity grant

I am currently working and receive child and working tax credit. Does anyone know if i'm entitled to a maternity grant? my baby is due end of November. I am a single parent.


  • Hi Ellie,I was working and recieving Working Tax Credit,i too am a single mom,i applied for the Sure Start Maternity Grant whilst on Maternity Leave and was turned down for it,understandly i was abit miffed so i rung them up to appeal and was told to just reapply when Baby was born...which i did and received the Grant!Best thing you can do is apply anyway and if for whatever reason your turned down then just reapply like i did once baby is born!!!Good Luck
  • If you receive child tax credit over the minimum rate you are entitled and if you receive working tax credit i think you are eligible just for receiving that.
    It seems common that they turn down the 1st application for maternity grants and that you have to question them and get them to look at it again. I suspect that most people wouldn't bother and just assume that perhaps they are not entitled to it. Both times i was entitled to it and both times i was turned down and i questioned it.
    ??500. is a lot of money so it is definately worth pursuing it. When you download the application form off the web it will have all the information with it.
  • Hope this helps

    You can get a Sure Start Maternity Grant if you or your partner receive any of the following:

    * Income Support
    * income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
    * Pension Credit
    * Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family element
    * Working Tax Credit where a disability or severe disability element is included in the award

    and if one of the following applies to you:

    * you or your partner are pregnant and expecting a baby within 11 weeks or have given birth within the last three months
    * you or your partner have adopted a child, or in certain circumstances have been granted a residence order for a child, within the last three months and the child is less than one year old
    * you and your husband or wife have been granted a parental order for a surrogate birth within the last three months
    * you or your partner are getting benefit for a dependant under the age of 20 who is pregnant and expecting a baby within 11 weeks or has given birth within the last three months

  • i sent mine last week and still heard nothing, i know im definatly entitled to it has anthonys on incapacity benefit and were both on income support, i think i should fone them on monday to make sure they have it. 3 days is soo quick infact its unbelivable.
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