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just seen...

hi just wondered if anyone has tried this
i went to the supermarket today and in front of me at the checkout was 2 girls they had everythink the asda smartprice they had a grat shopping trolley full they spent ??30 i was amazed im thinking of trying this im not to fussy and i make dinners to frezze for lo so it wont affect him at all, i already buy the orange juice and beans toms, there are some things that i wouldnt buy like the loo roll its very hard!!!! im wondering if anyone has tried this i may give it a go for a weeks shoppin and see if i like any of it? maybe if people buy this stuff ad like it they could post whats nice or not?


  • i buy most of my shopping from the smart price range and most it tastes just the oh works fixing machines at different factorys and tells me a lot shops own stuff is often made buy the same companys that make the named brands .i dont buy the soap powder /washing up liq /loo roll/ mince/sausages or burgers as i didt think they were very good. but most of the other stuff is ok and sometimes can be half the price. just give it a try you may be surprised.
    just to add my mum has been shopping in lidal and aldi for a while but i always thought it was rubbish .but with feeling the pinch gave aldi a go
    sandwhich stuff like sliced cheese/ ham/ humous /pitta bread/wraps are all really nice so are the cakes/ yogurts /smothies the friut is also always nice and fresh the only down fall is there isnt as much choice as the bigger stores

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  • yeh i use aldi alot and find it fab especially the veg and fruit thanx ill give the smartprice stuff a whirl it was amazing how much stuff you got!!!
  • Hi,
    My husband is normally a fussy bugger when it comes to food and a normally spend roughly ??100per week. There is just us 2 and his 2 kids at weekends. He actually suggested doing this. if i could save ??70 a week then im going to start this week. If we dont like it then we dont have to do it again but im def gonna give this a go.x

  • my mum used to buy smartprice food from asda n i think its fine especially wen its sooooo cheap. id do tht but ant dont like cheap food.
  • hey,

    last summer [before i had baby] it took my agent 14 weeks to find me another job after my last one finished, and so i had to buy smart price food.

    most of it is good, [spesh the cheesecakes] but i would advice steering clear of smart price meats: they neither look or taste nice, and smart price bread is a bit nasty too !

    me and my oh spend around ??60 a week on food, and its just me and him and 10 week old daughter. but we like good food and i only occasionaly buy smart price things. we dont smoke or drink or have any other hobbies, so nice food is like our luxury, our treat for ourselves.

    dont get me wrong, i shop at asda, not waitrose, lol, as im still tight fisted and dont believe in spending more than we have to, but some smart price food is not nice, and i was either constipated or had the runs because the quality of some of it is rubbish.

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