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This is getting stupid!!!!

hi im just having a rant really!!! oh has changed jobs and now we have to wait ages for him to next get paid its a bit of a struggle but we'll cope but why should we???? i know someone who is claiming they live alone and they dont he earns ??1,000+ and she is claiming all benifits under the sun and i mean rent council tax and she is having twins already has a little girl!!!!!!! there is me struggling to pay bills would love another baby but carnt as we carnt afford one and it sometimes gets to me!!!! if i left oh id get a flat rent paid no childcare coz id get that paid to and if we had another baby id get a grant to!!!!! why do they insist on helping people who have no desire to help themselfs when families who stick togother get peaslised!!!! well rant over back to figures to see how we are going to cope this month!!!


  • id grass them up to .it the tax from all hard working people that pay benifits to people who shouldt be getting them.
  • i know what youre saying and im going to its getting to me especially when i know that in about a week my gas elec bills are going to arrive and they will have gone up, i heard about gordon brown going on about not giving money to help people with heating bills i feel sorry for the oaps but as for struggling families he means the ones he already provides for and im not talking about the ones who carnt or are single parents i mean the lazy money grabbers!!! what about the ones who try so hard to look after their kids!!!!!!!!!
  • it really winds me up .we boths work. oh full time and me part time and only just have enought money to pay bill do the shoping .we go camping on holiday cause its cheap or use the holidays in the sun.the goverment needs to get toughter on people who are caught for benifit fraud . billions of pounds each year are paid to people on benifits who are either working or living with a partner who is working but claiming to be single. the benfit needs sorting out so that it only goes to the people who really need it. like i said before i would report them you dont even have to give you name so they will not no who reported them.
  • Sorry but i got rather pissed off with a bit of your topic.. Why help people who cant/wont help themselves. I am on benefits and i get my council tax and rent paid for. Im a single mum but dont you dare label me as someone you just cant be bothered! I struggle just like everyone to pay my bills and yes i do get help by the government but i cant stand people who think im on benefits just because i cant be bothered to work!!!!! Id never dare of lying about my status etc to get extra money as I think its wrong and yes I do believe you should grass them up as its not fair but dont label everyone on benefits as the same!!!
  • sammy and jayden sorry if any of the posts upset you .dont get me wrong i was a single parent for five years before meeting my great parntner and having another baby .i have had my fair share of income support council tax and rent being paid. idont feel bad about this because thats what the benifit system is there for. i dont think there is any thing wrong with single parent or people to sick to work getting benifits. what i ment was that i didt think it fair when people who have partner who are working pretend to be single and get money that should be going to people who are really are single parents .i aslo know how hard it is to bring up children on income support the money goes no where and it must be a lot worst now as gas electric and shoping are going up every week and benifits are staying the same.the point i was trying make is if less people got benifits went they shouldt there would be more money to go round to the people who like you really do need the little money you get
  • that was my point there are people weather families or single moms who struggle and there are people who take the p**s its a whole pain the butt to get what you are entitled to never mind what your faulsey claiming!!! i get annoyed with people who claim and lie they dont help the people who need it and when they do its a joke!!!!!
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