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Some advice needed please - MA - sorry very long!

Hi I am a wee bit confused so will let u know my situation and hopefully someone cavn help me!!!

I am not pregnant yet but am trying to just wanted to get an idea before we (hopefully) get pg.

I have just started a new job (this week) after being unemployed since August. Prior to that I was a teacher in my probationary year (Scotland) and ended up leaving teaching because there were no jobs in my subject.

In September I tried to claim for JSA however a really cheeky woman at the Job Centre told me I am not entitled because have not paid enough NI. She told me the years they use to rate my contribution were 2005 and 2006. In 2005 I worked FT - this was fine as earned like ??22000, however in 2006 I was a FT Student and worked PT so have been told because of this I do not qualify.

I was angry at the time but scraped by and now have a job thank god. Now I am aware that IF i was pregnant now I would not get Full Maternity pay because would have been conceieved before I started my job my questions are as follows:

1. IF i was already pregnant would I qualify for Maternity Allowance? As I understand it this is not contribution based in the same way - it just goes by the 66 weeks leading up to your 25th week - is that right???? Would I def get it?

2. If I fell pregnant next month for example would I get the 6 weeks maternity full pay and then the Allowance because the baby was concieved while working for my new employer? Or would NI come into this as well?

Hope someone can help! xxxxx


  • Hi.

    My understanding is the important thing is how long you've worked for your employer when you decide to take maternity leave, not when the baby is conceived.

    Have a look at this link:

    it might help.

    Could you ask your HR department at work (difficult I know). Or if there's someone else who's pregnant or on mat leave could you sneakily ask them what your company's policy is?

    good luck!
    Katie x
  • hiya, i would defo check with your emploter to find out if your are entitled to maternity pay threw them first, i started a new job on the 6th november and found out i was 5 weeks pregnant on the 18th december and i was entitled to full maternity off my employer. so its defo worth asking.

    also maternity isnt NI contribution based so this will not come into it at all.

    HTH and hope you get everything sorted image
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