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  • As a solicitor and former private client (i.e. wills, probate, trusts & tax) specialist, I would not touch them with a barge pole. I have no personal experinece of this particular company, however I would say that the ramifications of a poorly drafted will and/or imprecise advice cannot be underestimated. If you need a will, go to a specialist solicitor and pay whatever it costs. That's just my personal view, having administered a number of estates with dodgy wills. It always costs more to put right the mistakes than it would have cost the person to just get the proper advice to begin with. It's also very stressful for the people left behind.

    Companies that do very cheap wills do it for a reason. There is absolutely no profit for them in charging you ??49 for 2 wills - they will be doing this as a 'loss leader', usually to try and get you to appoint them as your executors so that they will administer your estate when you die and make their profit that way by charging for the administration (a lot more ?????? and a lot more profitable for them than doing wills). I find this quite distasteful, personally, although a number of high street solicitors do this too.

    I wouldn't go down this route if you paid me - but that's just my opinion and maybe I am biased, having seen so many crappy wills that have caused me headaches and cost families unnecessary legal fees to put right!
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