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2nd hand stuff- thanks everyone!!!

I look at some of the posts under this section and it gave some ideas.....

I then went on ebay and checked some things out. The amount, type of baby clothes you can get it amazing- i was quite shocked. It's really made me thing. I always thought that when we have our first baby everything will be new but i have def changed my view on that.

There are some amazing deals and bargains out there. Even just little things like a baby bath for in the bath!? But it was the clothes that most shocked me, whole bundles of next clothes etc for about ??6..... so even if there is something in there that you dont like its still a bargain!

And it all looks like new.....!

So girls thank you for much for opening my eyes and i am def going to save some money...!



  • So glad you got some stuff,
    I still find it amaizing the amount of goodies that people practically give away for pennies.
    My travel system was sold to me by a next door neighbour, mint condition, carry cot still in the wrapper for ??25....pushchair been used twice!!
    I also recantly got bundles of nuetral clothes for ??10, I must have filled 4 large drawers with it all.

    Nothing like a good bargin, and saving the environment at the same time by "recycling "

    Well done you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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