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Debt and single parent!

I have a quick query regarding benefits if anyone could help me that would be most appreciated.
I am expecting my first child in may and have 5 weeks left at work (work full time). My maternity pay will start from the 17th Apr. I am currently living with my parents as me and my oh split up when i first found out i was pregnant. I currently have nearly ??10k worth of debt hanging over me and I have sought legal advice froma solicitor where I work which is writing to my creditors for to establish a reduced payment plan but I am still wonrried about finances. Once the baby is born I will be applying to CSA for maintennace from the father but will I be entitiled to any other supprt i.e Working tax credits/ Child tax credits etc. I have gone on the HMRC website and entered my P60 info for tax year 08- 09 to give me a rough estimate of what I might be entitled to and it says Ishoudl be entitled to about ??183 for the year, is this figure set in stone? Also are you able to claim income support while on maternity leave? Does anyone know the answers? Sorry I just wondered if anyoen had goen through similar circumstances?:\(


  • May will be a new tax year so your earnings should be calculated at what you will be earning at that time. maternity pay is calculated at whatever you receive less ??100 per week. you get 90% earnings for 6 weeks then ??117 a week for the rest (33 weeks) so only 17 a week will take your earnings right down and hopefully your tax credits up. it depends on what you do after aswell whether you go back to work full or part-time or stay at home. you will probably get help with childcare.
    you won't be able to get income support as far as i know as you will be getting maternity pay.
    try hmrc website again putting in different ammounts depending on what your plans are it will help you decide your options.
    also try, CAB may help too.
    best of luck xx
  • Hi. The figure you got for the year must be wrong, its way too low. unless you meant each week? I think you will probably get about ??100 - ??120 a week in tax credits, plus child benfit of ??20 per week. And once you get tax credits, you're eligible to apply for other help too, such as the surestart maternity grant of ??500, and healthy start weekly vouchers. Julesy is right, you cant claim income support while on mat leave. it will probably be well worth your while going back to work as well even just for 16hrs per week as then you will still get working tax credits.
    Good luck xx
  • Thank you very much for your replies. I will have to go to the job centre and enquire I think so I know where I stand financially im sick of worrying about money all the time. Specially soon to be a single parent im sure i will have enough worries then xxx
  • I was in a really bad position financially before my baby was born and really stressed about it, but as soon as he arrived the council etc started giving me loads of help, saying i have a baby so dont pay rent or council tax until my tax credits are sorted. Basically, as a single parent with a child under one the government says you need ??140 per week to live on. I dont know how much you are used to but to me after struggling for months on end that made things a hell of a lot easier. I got letters saying i was going to lose the house etc, and my mum kept telling me not to worry and that it would all get sorted. I was in a right state and obv couldnt understand how it would be ok but it is. I know its hard but you really should try not to worry coz it WILL be ok! xx
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