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mortgage offers and maternity pay

Thought I would just pass this on, as it's something that I wasn't aware of. We're moving full steam ahead to get our house sold and into a bigger one before baby comes along and was finding out today about whether we'll be able to get a new mortgage what with all the banking problems and so on.

Anyway, turns out we're ok, but when they asked about financial dependents - answer being no until June! I found out that if we complete before I go on maternity it's fine, but if we complete after banks usually take the lowest amount you will earn during your leave and apply that as your income - i.e. if you take full year and you're getting zero for last 3 months they will take your salary as zero - bye bye mortgage... My adviser did say that not all of them were that harsh but it sounds like could be a big problem.

Anyway, I think the simple solution if we start to get near to that scenario is to just tell work and banks I'm only taking 6 months (which I get on full pay), then 'change my mind' after mortgage is safely completed and extend my leave. As far as I am aware you don't have to make up your mind for definite until nearer the time when you said you would go back, I just need to check the fine print etc.

Hope this helps anyone who might be in similar situation. Night night.

(also posted in due in June)
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