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maternity allowance.

i have been on maternity leave from 19 sept 2007 with my first child and did not return to work and officially quite my job 2 weeks ago, would i still qualify for maternity allowance even if i did not return to my job after mat leave? im 4+4 with my second now. any help would be great x


  • Hi

    Im not entirely sure, but I was under the impression that any allowance or pay you get is calculated from what you earn between weeks 17 to 25 in your pregnancy. If this is correct, then I don't think you will get anything.

    If you get a temp job until your baby is born then you should get something. I think if you have been in continuous employment with a break of no more than 4 weeks then you can claim maternity pay from around 25 weeks.

    Like I said, not sure but there are loads of helpful websites out there that can help.
  • hi, i would speak to your local job centre, i was on maternity with my dd until march this year, wen i was due to go back to work i was around 2 months pg with number 2. i couldnt return to my job as i have to look after dd now. i asked my job centre and as long as you have worked for 26weeks out of your "test period" then you qualify. your "test period" differs but its around 66 weeks before your due i think, so as i was on maternity and still employed i do qualify, so i think you will too so i would defo ring the job centre


    Shel x
  • Hi,

    From what I understand you will qualify for Maternity Allowance not Maternity pay. I know that I won't get SMP because I haven't been with my current employer long enough so I can't get an average earnings for my first 6 weeks of maternity leave. Instead I can only qualify for Maternity allowance which is ??117.18 a week (which scares me because it's not near what I'm earning now) and you can claim this for 39 weeks.

    To claim it you need to go to your local Jobcentre Plus and ask for a MA1 form.

    There's a website called which has got loads of info on it about your maternity rights. Prima Baby had a very good article a few months ago called Your Maternity Rights Made Easy so maybe try to do a search for it as well.

    I hope that helps!

    GP xx
  • Here's a link to the article I mentioned above:

    Good luck - I hope you find all in the infor you need.

    You can also get advice by calling the TaxCredits helpline on 0845 300 3900 who will also be able to tell you what other benefits you can qualify for.
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