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Hi, I would need some advice. I am 7 months pregnant and I am extremely nervous about the future financials. At work I will not receive any maternity pay, so I will have to survive on SMP which is £400 something after tax per month. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for any other benefits (possibly only Child Benefit) as apparently my pay is too high (ha ha ha) for the limits of these benefits. However, I will not get any maternity poay from my company moving forward. I just do not understand this. Why is it that if they think you earn too much but you do not get anything from your company, you still are only entitled to £400 something per month? My other does not earn enough either. How am I supposed to be surviving with a baby?


  • Have you chekced your HR policy? How come you only get SMP? Do your work not offer more?

    We have a policy on maternity pay and how much you will get, it is dependent on how long you have been there.

    I would ask the question and check that this is correct.

    Hope that helps.

  • Oh, I asked. You need to work there for 5 years. I can't wait until then, I'd be a granny. Unfortunately, 5 years.
  • You could do what I do and work from home it is easy fits round your baby and the benefits and rewards are amazing here's my email if you want to know more [email protected] xxx I'm looking forward to financial freedom with this business xxxx
  • Yeah unfortunaly alot of employers only offer SMP image- im the HR MANAGER at my work and thats all i got! But on the plus side it will be more like £500 after tax i think and you should be eligble for child benefit at about £70 a month and obv you get the 1st 6 weeks at 90% pay- some employers are open to negotiation- like if they pay you 90% fr the 1st 6 months you will come back full time after then etc...


    good luck with it all xxxx

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