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am i considered unemployed when my maternity pay stops?

Hi, I am a single parent, I am still on maternity leave until April. However my maternity pay has now finished (39 weeks of payment). I have no intention to come back to work as I can imagine leavening my 11 month old baby, I would event have anyone to leave her with. What I would like to know is am I considered unemployed now that the payment has stopped? As I would like to apply for jobseekers allowens right away to insure that there is income coming into our little family. I haven't handed in my notice yet, should I do it now? Even though I only have a months notice and I am still considered to be on maternity leave until April. Sorry of this is sounding confusing, it's I am a little lost on what to do next. As I am renting out a room, which I will be straggling to pay for in a couple of weeks as my maternity pay has stopped. Please let me know if you have any advice on what kind of benefits I can relay. Thanks in advance


  • You are considered employed until you advise your employer in writing that you do not wish to return to work and wish to end your employment within your notice period of date of your letter.

    To claim jobseekers allowance you have to prove that you are actively seeking work (i.e. be applying for jobs each week) by visiting your job centre weekly.

    You'd be best contacting your local citizens advice bureau to discuss with them your situation and what options you have available, they can help with applying for benefits/arranging housing needs/contacting debtors to arrange alternative payments/etc...Best wishes.

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