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Jobseeker's and maternity allowance

Hi guys,


I was wondering if any of you know if jobseeker's allowance qualifies towards maternity allowance entitlement?

I was on maternity allowance when I had my first baby and have been looking for work for the last 7 months. I started claiming contribution-based jobseeker's allowance a few weeks ago and I'm receiving taxable payments and they credit me with NI contributions. Now, we're thinking about having another baby, but if I don't find a job I won't get any financial help. The only hope is that my jobseeker's would count towards the maternity allowance. Do you know if that's the case?


Would greatly appreciate your help!!


  • Hi Anna

    To the best of my knowledge you need to have been employed by the same employer for 26wks before baby's birth to qualify for maternity allowance/maternity pay.  With Jobseekers allowance you have to prove that you're actively seeking work.  I've not heard of HMRC considering jobseekers allowance counting towards maternity allowance but the best thing would be to ask them.  They supposedly consider your individual circumstance so you can but see what they say.  Best wishes.

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