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How do I claim for Maternity Sure Start Grant?

Both my partner and I work I am on a very low income of about £700pcm my partner is on 18.000 a year. Neither of us have any children and this is our first child. 


I have only just started working so not entitled to any maternity pay... Just wondering is it likely I may get £500 maternity grant? x


  • You won't get the maternity grant as you're working but if you've worked for at least 26 weeks in the 66 weeks leading up to ur due date u will get maternity allowance. If you google maternity allowance there's a calculator on the direct gov website that tells you if you qualify (that's what I'm doing as made redundant in July) x

  • Forgot to sat mat allowance is like mat pay, 137 a week or 90% of earnings which evers lower, for 9 months x

  • Thank you  does this apply if you are a supply/bank staff worker. xxx

  • Yeah as long as u have done 26 weeks work even if it's only 1 or 2 days a week it's still classed as a weeks work (I only worked 4 mornings a week). They give u ur test period which is the 66 weeks running up to ur due date n tell u to send 13 weeks worth of payslips from during that time doesn't matter if they're not consecutive weeks n doesn't matter if theyre from different employers just send the 13 weeks where u earnt the most cuz the more u earnst the more I'll get. Call job centre n ask for a mat allowance pack n itll tell u how to work it all out. U have to claim wen ur 26 weeks onwards x

  • Thank you, I will be 26 weeks next week. xx

  • I'd get ur claim in ASAP then. If ur working u can choose when to start receiving ur pay which will b wen u go on mat leave. I'm on job seekers so mine kicks in at 29 weeks if I've not found work by then xx

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