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School shoes

my finances are really low and I cant afford school shoes anymore my oldest daughter came up with the idea that her and my other daughter and son high school could wear shoe zone plimsolls as school shoes wound that be a good idea ? 


  • Go for it my 2 sons in year 8&9 wear them they are a good price and they are school shoes in my eyes 

  • Is the school uniform policy basic ? 

    My sons ones is sweatshirt polo shirt 

    black trousers and plain black footwear 

    ideal school shoes black plimsolls / daps black trainers or plain cheap ugg style boots etc no heels or boots 

  • Hi my oldest  used to wear them 14 but he now wears normal school shoes my other son 11 does though he wears his brothers old ones I think they are good for the price they look really well worn though my sons ones are about to fall apart and contenplating on getting him a new pair or getting him vans 

  • Go for it my 2 oldest daughters wear ither shoe zone uggs or plimosolls to school and my youngest son wears plimsolls they are tatty etc but that doesn't matter they do the job 

  • They also last along time which is good 

  • My son yr 7 wears them my finances are really low so I have no choise but to send him in plimsolls I buy him a pair every term so he makes them last 

  • my son wear the shoe zone ones like them and my daughters wear vans 

  • I don't like to buy vans thogh far to expensive buy ds shoe zone once a term he has to make them last 

  • My ds wears shoe zone plimsolls as school shoes I am greatful to the school that they allow them because ds would never wear proper school shoes 

    also the school has a basic uniform which is good baffald why some schools have tie and blazers etc there is no need 

     jumper polo shirt black trousers and plain black footwear is formal enough 

  • my 2 boys wear pumps like these to school I buy then from shoe zone for £4 and my daughters all wear vans they cost £40 

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