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What are your best money saving tips for the weekly shop?

Hi everyone,

We’ve just read a story about a mum who feeds her family of four on just £20 a week. The mum used to spend £90 per week, but managed to slash the costs by only shopping when supermarkets are putting out all of their reduced food (you can check out the mums budget blog here).

This has us thinking, do you have any money saving tips for how to save on the weekly shop? Maybe you’ve simply changed supermarkets, or you might shop at various different ones? Perhaps you buy your fruit and veg locally rather than from your supermarket?

Please do let us know by commenting on this thread below and money saving tips - we’d love to hear them!


  • I know it's not revolutionary but definitely go for meal plans as well as buying non-brand items. I read an article once that showed Pedigree chum dog food being made in the same factory and just re-labelled with the Sainsburys own label. Of course, I'm not suggesting we all feed our children dog food, but it makes you think!!

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