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Maternity Pay

For the self-employed, does anyone know where I can information on maternity pay for self-employed people? Also do you still receive the ??500.00 lump sum if you are self-employed? Thanks in advance!


  • hi
    go to the jobcentre they may can help u .i hope thats helps
  • If your self employed you can claim maternity allowance as long as you pay class 2 NI contributions. If your due after the 1st of April you can claim 39 weeks maternity allowance, which is ??108 a week at the moment. You can only claim the ??500 lump sum if your not elligable for maternity allowance, or anything else, you also get your NI stamp paid during your maternity leave. You can pick up the forms from the job center, or give them a ring and get them to send the forms to you. you can find all this on the job center website. I'm about to start maternity leave next week, and its a huge relief to know I'll be getting money while I'm off, dont know how we'd manage otherwise.Dont forget too if your partner works too you can claim tax credits from when the baby is born, and ??250 to go into a savings account for your baby too. Hope this helps.
  • hi sara. you may be able to get mat allowance. but phone your local social security office they will be able to tell you all the up to date info on what you can claim. you may be able to claim the 500 lump sum when your baby is born as then you can claim child tax credit and this should entitle you to claim it. you will have to claim it by the time your baby is 3 months old though. hope this helps.xx
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