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Money, money, money!!!!!!!!

We live abroad at the moment and am just wondering how much child ben I would get if i was home. I have 5 kids.

Also, do you think of the future and how much it is going to cost to put our kids through Uni etc....? Lauren is 18 and is in midst of applying to Uni for Sept. It is scarey as it is going to cost so much. Yes, she can get loans out etc.. but I dont want her to start her working life 40k in debt.... we will have lauren to support for 4 years and during that time her brother will hopefully go to Uni too. How on earth are we going to cope? also, we will have 3 young ones in need of shoes, clothes etc... Out here the only educational choice is private school and that costs us an arm and a leg too. Thats why I ask about child ben as I am putting an argument together re moving back home next year...

Love it out here but after 7 years I feel a bit fed up of it all. Sand, sand and more sand is very very boring!!!! I want green parks and nice walks to take kids on.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my random chatter

d xx


  • Hi dee dee, I get about ??236 a month child ben for four children not sure how much you would get for 5. Like you I do worry about the future. My eldest is 13 in a few months but he is very bright and has been told that providing he works at school ( which he doesnt always) he could have his pick on universitys when he is older, Megan is 9 and she is the same, she is on the gifted and talented register at school. Alice and Isaac are a bit younger ( 5 and 2) so have a way to go yet. We do have a bit of money saved but it does worry me as I dont want them starting out their adult lives with a huge debt. Still if they are as bright as their teachers seem to think then maybe they will earn loads of money and keep me in the luxury to which I could become accustomed :lol:
  • Hey dee dee,
    I get something like ??190 odd(dont know exactly as paperwork is in the loft as Im painting the study!!!) for my three, the best thing is to give inland rev a call/email and they can tell you exactly what you are entiltled to.(google it as i cant post the link cos comp playing up AGAIN!!)

    To be honest we havent given the uni side of parenthood a huge amount of thought as our oldest is only 7 bless him!!!! But having said that once we have our own house again I will be saving for their future, wether they want to go to uni or get a job I want the money there!

    If you moved back here where would you go???? I must say sand sounds bloody good compaired to the muddy yuck we have here for months on end lol!!
  • im with babs, i want sand lol

    i have student loans which are only payable when i earn over 16k and even then are still small, my parents chose not to support me through uni and i must admit im not worried about my student debt (it disappears if i die, it will come straight out of my wages so i never notice etc) and i have fab qualifications for when my boys are at school. so i guess im not that worried about uni for them at the mo but then oldest is only 2.

  • Hi dee dee child benefit is 20 pounds per week per child so you would get 100 pounds per week for your five although i think that stops at 18. Also i would imagine you would get child tax credits, working tax credits etc. is a good website which will tell you what you are entitled to..strangely!lol! Good Luck xxx
  • hi i have 5 kids and i get 296 4 weekly. hope this helps. xx
  • we get ???????535 per month for 3 up to aged 18 we also get ???????94 childcare supplement a month for each child under 5. Its really good here but we had a budget today & in next years budget child benefit will be means tested & the child care supplement will be abolished by end of 2010 to be replaced by 1 years free pre-school which is still really good i think.

  • thanks for replies.

    It is worry but like DB said....people do cope doing it alone. We will let her get a loan fo tuition fees but we will pay accom and a monthly allowance. it costs us 11k per year at moment to send her to college so don't think it will be much more than that.

    Beleive me sand is boring...wicked sand storms, sand in your house all the time,. its not nice sand like Spain etc.. its barren, boring, dirty sand.

    Just missing home I guess. I miss Spring and Autum and Christmas time.... god I have tears pricking me even just typing this. Feel a bit stuck here at moment... OH job is here and he wont get one really at home but, I yearn for home..

    grrr..d xx
  • oh bless you, Dee Dee. Dont cry, sending you a big homely English Hug!!!!!
    maybe in a few months a job may well come up for your hubby....Rob spent nearly 8 months looking but he carried on and finally got the one he wanted and that paid enough money. Dont give up hope, you never know whats round the corner!
    hugs xxxxxxxx
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