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Worcester sauce?


Im new to the foody forum!! Im hopeing someone might be able to answer my food questions!

I often add a splash of worcester sauce to various sauces to add some flavour and wondered if anybody knew if it would be ok to give my 8 month old daughter a sauce with a splash of worcester sauce in? I know it contains some salt but considering its just one of the ingredients and its only a splash would it be ok?

Also can she have chicken other than chicken breast? leg or thigh for example?


Amy :\)


  • She can definately have other types of chicken. I think most people use breast just because it is more tender than the other bits so it's easier to chew. I think that the thighs are supposed to be good as the darker meat has more iron in it.
    Not sure about the worcester sauce but I would have thought it would be ok if it is just a splash. Maybe ask your health visitor? Or try googling it!
    Kerry xx
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