Trouble with weaning

Hi, this is my first time on here!! My lo is 6 1/2 months old and we have tried gentle weaning recently but she just isnt interested in anything. She clamps her mouth shut and will not even try anything.
She also will only breastfeed, had one bottle at about 3 weeks old and since then refuses anything that isnt breast!! With bottles she just bites it and with a cup, spits out any milk that gets into her mouth.
Has anyone had similar problems or any suggestions???


  • Hi there

    I didnt want to read and not reply am having same problems with cup wise but keira loves her food, i can think of one thing that might help, if u got spare spoon and give that one to ur lo and u use the other spoon to feed her to see if she knows that its ok to use

    good luck
    Carly and Keira (6 months and 1 week old) xxxxxxxxxxx
  • well my lo is 8 months this week and hardly eats!

    having such problems with him eating he just wants milk and thats it, he sooo isnt bothered about food!

    started trying at 17 weeks baby rice but stopped as he didnt seem bothered then started again at 5 half months and did rusks, fruity breakie cereals - it was only few mouthfuls but he seemed to enjoy it and it want a nightmare like it is now!

    i then got the anabel karmel book and made my own purees - but the only one he would touch is pear (wont eat this now) he's scream, seal his mouth, cry tear and everything, then if i did get him to take it he'd gag, retch it was horrible! so went back to drawing board and sis things he liked, cereal and rusk basically started offering him the custard fruit pots and similar stuff from boots and muller little star yougurts and he'd eat those!

    since then ive tried everything - baby led weaning - where we just give him things were having to eat himslef rather than spoon fed but this didnt really work and then i found ella organic pouches which were veg and fuit mixed but mega smooth so he had those but then the other week i though i need he to start eating something thicker - so were trying him with stage 1 jars (ca you believe he gags on these) has a few mouthfuls sometimes other he just screams and seals his moyth shut and turns his head!

    i dont know what to try next?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry no help whats so ever xx
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