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not enough breast milk!

I have a 2 1/2 week old. My milk didnt come through until after he was born and it never seems to be enough. I have to top him up with a bottle which not only takes twice as long but I hate doing it. I have also tried expressing milk to see exactly how much he is getting. It built up from 1 oz to 2 1/2 oz until the last few days, now Im only producing 1oz from both sides put together. Does anyone know a way of encouraging milk production. My baby is having 5oz feeds at the moment and I want to breast feed 100%.


  • hi Lisa
    I am producing less and less milk as well. From what I've read and got advice on this website here, nothing you eat can help but you should have a healthy diet anyway.

    Expressing milk, in my experience, only gives a guide as to what you've got, the pump is not as good as baby at getting the milk out. Apparently if you pump or breast feed very frequently (every 2 to 3 hours), then the hormones make the brain tell the breasts to make more milk. I haven't done it this frequently after the first few weeks as I have too much housework to do and my nipples get sore.

    I am using formula milk most of the time now, and breast feeding randomly. I was very very upset when I realised I would not be able to bf 100% (at around 14 weeks). But baby was not gaining weight so doctor said I had to give formula top ups. He's thriving now, so I am much happier.

    Have you talked to your health visitor or GP? May be they can suggest something.

    Good luck
    Gina xxx
  • You should call the breastfeeding support line at the NCT or the La Leche League. You're sure to get some great advice.
  • this is such a stressful time - I exclusively breastfed til 6 months and am still part feeding at 8 months but I was always stressing about my milk supply up until I started weaning really. Even after my milk was established I found stress and tiredness made me produce less milk. After the first 3 months or so I was able to freeze an ounce here and there so I never had to top up with formula at least. The only advice I can offer in the early stages is to persevere. My baby's weight dipped quite a bit at first but I was determined not to use formula so I stuck with it and my boobs eventually started playing ball! Feed often as it is a supply and demand thing - when your baby is feeding it sends a message to your brain to produce more milk - but try to feed at regular intervals - no closer than every 2 hours as if you feed too often your baby has a smaller feed and your body thinks that the small amount of milk it has produced is enough. Read What to Expect when you're breastfeeding by Clare Byram Cook - this was my bible in the early days full of loads of useful tips!!
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