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Healthy budget meals?

At the minute I'm pregnant with twins and on a tight budget trying to get everything sorted! 

I only have a few weeks left and I'm getting ill with OC, so I want to be eating as nutritious as I possibly can. 

Also easy meals? I can't stand at the cooker anymore, boo. :( 

We eat anything as a family, no allergies and no special diets xx 


  • Thanks for your inspiration. I will surely try to do the same thing. lol

  • To save money and time, I cook a large batch of chilli using cheap meat cuts or leftovers, beans, onions, and whatever spices my family seems to be currently enjoying. A lot of nutritious vegetables can also be easily added to my ginormo soup pot too.

    Then when it's done, I take some one-person sized plastic meal containers and ladle portions into each. My table is usually stacked with these boxes by this point. Then most of them go into the freezer and a couple into the fridge.

    Any time I'm too lazy to cook a fresh meal, or too busy, I just pull a box out to microwave for each person.

    These meals can be as cheap or expensive as the ingredients you choose to include. Since you're having twins it sounds like you'll need all the convenience of take away meals without the cost or the loss of control over the nutritional value. I hope this trick I use helps you :)

    Ps, if everyone gets sick of the same chilli meals, you can cook different batches and have a mixture in your freezer/fridge to choose from. I do it all in bulk so I get about one week's worth of meals cooked in about half a day in a giant pot, one week's worth for me and my husband, that is. The half day seems like a lot of time by when you divide those hours by 14 meals (7 daily cooks) it's preferable to me because I only have to do a major dishwashing once. If your pot is bigger than mine, this scales up even more.

    If you can't stand at the cooker or the awful job of stirring a pot for hours isn't your thing (who would like that, anyway?) I recommend getting one of those slow cookers like a crockpot. You can just dump your healthy choice of cheap ingredients in one morning, and if you have a super big sized pot, you won't need to cook again for quite some time.

    If it tastes awful or you don't like beans or chilli, soups and stews can be done this way too.

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