Was anyone else a Dawson's Creek addict?

When it used to be on channel 4 I was a total addict - it was during my uni years and a sunday mornign was spent with all us girly housemates under duvets recovering from the night before and watching it on T4!!!!! I had a chance to relive it today as there was a repeat on channel 5 at lunchtime and it was Joey and Dawsons first kiss one - took me right back and I have been listening to the soundtrack all afternoon and being nostalgic - just wondered if anyone else used to love it??! image


  • Ah, Dawson's Creek, I used to love it! I never got into the OC in the same way though.x
  • me and my friend love dawsons creek. same for us it was on suday on t4 during our drinking days, so it was up to mcd's for brezzie then back in bed for dawson. pacey is my fav. we still watch it now on 5 and dvd!!
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