Worried about support network...

Hi miracleinme (wot a lovely name!!!). This isnt silly at all! Unfortunately, these little ones dont arrive with manuals of how to look after them so we have to learn as we go along! i found that i attended ante-natal water exercise at my local pool and some of the girls i met there are now some of my best friends! They are in exactly the same boat as you and have their babies about the same time. Even better, if they have theirs first or if they already have children, you can draw on their experiences. We started going to for tea after the class in the cafe and got to know each other there. There's always the ante-natal parentcraft classes too where you will meet some new people and form friendships. Nothing better than the support of someone who is going through the same thing! We still compare notes on our children and they are now 10!!!!! Hopefully you have got friends with children although too much advice can be worse than not enough!!! You will cope fine i am sure, its a case of having to!!!! Enjoy your pregnancy and you have plenty of time to start a new network off and as a back up, i always found the health visitors very handy when i just needed to ask a question. Very best of luck and hope everything goes well for you. love and kisses, bluebird xxxx:\)

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  • Hi, this website is a great support network too!! You can ask anything really and someone will try to help!! The things bluebird suggests are great, plus in my area they do an early days group, which meets once a week for four weeks and you can discuss anything, that's run by the health visitors. Good luck with everything, and you've made me want a very big slice of choclate cake! lol.xx
  • Thanks so much Bluebird for your encouragement - it is great to know that you have made great friends from ante-natal classes. you have fuelled my optimism!

    As for the cake Suzaie, the picture is the portion size that I am so tempted to eat!!!!

    Take care ladies!
  • Don't forget how wonderfull the phone can be when i had my first 6 years ago i think my mum wanted to kill me as i asked so many questions. I was the first out af all of my friends but baby and toddler groups are great. I've now got 11 days to go with my second and should hopefully get all the clothes from everyone else this time lol. Good luck but I'm sure you will be fine. :\)
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