I have just found out I'm pregnant and

I am due to be a bridesmaid in June 2011. My due date will be around the 14th may 2011.

Now my question is do you think it's doable? I have very supportive parents who will be coming too but I really haven't much of a clue as this is my first baby.

I really want to be there for her as she was for me. Can anyone advise me x


  • Hi there

    Congratulations on your BFP!!

    It is doable however I would say probably not very fair on the Bride to be as she wont be able to order your dress as you wont know what size you will be. Even the skinniest of ladies can pile on weight during pregnancy and the last thing on your mind will be losing it in such a short period of time!!

    Entirely up to you and your friend though xxx
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