im new

Hi all im new so im not sure how this all works! :\? hope ur all ok chat soon xxxxxx


  • Hi Gem Welcome to the boards, when are you due?
  • thank you im not preg i have 2boys Charlie hes 2 1/2 and Jack hes 5weeks. how many weeks r u?
  • hi gem, welcome im karen got daughter nicole 3 and son cavan nearly 5 months. youll prob never be off here now very addictive lol. take care xxx
  • Hi ya everyone
    how r u all?
    were u from gem? I cant wait till my baby comes you are so lucky, I ave got ages 2 go yet, But i have got alot 2 do, lol
  • hi gemlou im from kendal lake district, how many weeks r u? xx
  • hi gem&2boys welcome to the site its very addictive but we have a laught all sharing problems im ttc my first baby im from morecambe just down the road from kendal take care love sammy :\)
  • hi gem, im new too but everyone seems real nice and friendly. im due with my first baby on 17yh august and cant wait.take care love lynsay and bump x
  • Hello, Gem 2 boys
    im 21 week by the hospital, but they are behind date, im due 4 scan 2 morrow so i hope it will come up with the dates we get. How are u?
  • hi sammy u not far away at all!how old r ya?hope 2chat soon xxxxxxxx
  • hi gemlou hope scan went ok dya no wot ur dates r now?im great ta bit tierd soon xxxxxxx
  • hi gem&2boys im 22 how are you hope you ok hope t chat soon love sammy xxx
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