1st scan

Hi all. Im having my first scan next tuesday 20. Its the twelve week scan and i would like to know if i will be able to find out the sex of the baby or if it is too early. Did anyone find out at the twelve weeks?


  • Hi Ni,

    i had my first scan a yr ago today but i was 14 weeks gone and i was told that they were 90% sure i was having a boy...and i did have a boy! all you can do is ask i think it also depends on how the baby is laying e.g. legs-a-cimbo or not. good luck and enjoy it x
  • good luck at ur scan hun. xx
  • i wasnt told at my 12week scan as its hospital policy not to tell at my hosp unless u pay ??60 but they showed me the baby from a nappy changing angle u could see its bum and bits and i was sure i saw a little winkey lol but ill have to wate till my 4d scan at 27weeks, good luck at ur scan hun and hope they can tell you if u want to know let us know how it went x


  • Hi all. Had my scan and everything was ok. they didnt told the babys sex as it was too early. But have another scan on 22 January and they said then they will be able to see.
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