whos your fav celeb mum or dad and why??

just thought id get a bit of chat going. who's you fav celeb mum or dad????
im gonna have to think this one over!!
possibly ewan mcgregor, on longway down/round he never has the kids on tv, talks about them, and when he see's the awful things they have (esp in africa) he says he realises how luck his kids are and want them to realise it too.
not sure who else yet.


  • i think jordan is a good mum,


  • Subject: whos your fav celeb mum or dad

    I think Peter Andre!
  • Britney Spears!! Haha, sorry that was evil!

    Thats a hard one though. Jules Oliver seems like a good Mum, but i've read her book 'minus 9 to 1' so i guess its going to make her out to be a good mum anyway!!

    I have to agree on the ewan mcgreggor one though.

    Hmmmm ill have a think xx
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