jason donovan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow!! i went to see jason on tuesday and he was fab! it was sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo good. his new stuff is also really good. we watched a live video in the afternoon before we went from 1990 (17 yrs ago!!!!!!) and his voice was rubbish, but its improved so much. i would def go again. he also came down into the audiance and hugged a guy and a lady who were in a wheelchair/ had downs, and i cried cos he's so kind!! sado


  • mmm i used to htink he was sooo yummy when i was younger, had a huge poster on my wall of him! Didnt realise he was doing more music, will have to listen out for it, i loved his stuff he did years ago. Can you beleive how much he has changed. i remember all that was in the papers about him was to do with drugs etc, nice to see he has turned it all around.
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