Would you call out an engineer?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, would you call out an independent computer engineer if your computer failed, or would you prefer to go to a big company like PC World?

I'm asking on behalf of my husband, who is planning on setting up as self employed. He was wondering what "needs" should be met. Is there a service that you would like to see, but can't get?

Also, would anyone find it easier if the engineer came out in the evening's, rather than just 9 - 5. I'm sure if your're a home mum you would probably prefer daytime, but workers may find it easier for a evening service. All feedback appreciated.

I'm currently 6 months pregnant, and can't wait to be at home with my little one. I think my husband has decided that he wants to try and help out as much, so wants to be on flexible hours. Or work evenings and stay at home in the day to spend time with the baby.

Anyway, hope I haven't offended anyone by asking this on here. Just thought you could give some good responses.




  • hi gill
    i always use our local guy if anything goes wrong with our computer as we don't have to wait for him or do a 118 mile round trip to be charged a fortune and it still not work....
    word of caution though he will be at the beck and call of his customers as our guy gets abit fed up with some as they are on the phone 24/7 for silly simple things!!!
    wish him luck x can he sort of get started now part time round the job he is doing to se how the land lies???
    fea x
  • Hi Fea,

    Yes he's going to try focusing on evenings, but then we didn't know whether the demand would be there for night time visits.

    He's currently employed as field engineer, so sometimes he's back early, so could help with getting work done.

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