advice wanted on name change

Hi all. My eldest son changed his name when I got married years ago (by deedpoll) and now wants to go back to the name on his original birth certificate. He is 16 so already has passport, NI number etc in my name- how does he go about changing back. Does he need to go through process again (another ??80) to make it official ? Needs to be done quick as he has a trip at xmas so will need new passport!
thanks all x


  • You used to be able to call yourself what you like but nowadays, for certain things, you need a deed poll certificate, such as for bank accounts etc. Not sure on the passport but when my sister married, her 2 yr old changed her surname too, and when applying for a passport, all my sister had to do was state her full name, then state any other names she had been known as and then supply the birth cert as proof. May be worth calling them up! Ps I changed my name by deed poll a few years ago and it only cosgt ??50 so shop around if thats the route he ends up taking xx
  • Thanks for the help - I thought if I just ripped up the deed poll cert I could show his birth cert as normal but guess officially he needs something to show he has gone back !?!
  • Depends... does he have anything in the name he is currently known as like a bank account? if so, then they will check that on the databases as a security thingy. If not, then you'll probably get away with it!
  • Hi my mum changed my name when I was 5 when she re-married but when i was sixteen I too decided I wanted my original name. My mum rang the offices up and they said that all i needed to do was rip up the deed poll and use my birth certificate again. I didnt have a passport or bank account to change so i wouldnt know how that works but I know that i didnt have to pay any money to change name back.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Thanks all - only prob is Ben has loads in my name- bank account, passport, national insurance number, also on child benefit and tax credit stuff. I'll try and change things without seeing solicitor and only do change of name deed if I get stuck!! Interestingly school changed it back with just a letter from me.
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